Grid: I receive info for size instead of port

Hi. I’ve already contacted support, but I’ll ask here in case someone has or might run into the same problem. I’m eager to continue my work.

I’m making myself a library to communicate with my Grid through OSC.
I’ve changed the device’s port number (default 1000014956).
Now when I do a /sys/info request, instead of /sys/port response, I get /sys/size twice.
I tried to reset the port to the original default one, no change.

Here is a console print of it.

Requesting: list
Receiving message: OSCMessage ("/serialosc/device", values: ["m41210951", "monome 128", 14955])
id: m41210951, type: grid, portTo: 14955
Requesting: info (portToDevice: 14955)
Receiving message: OSCMessage("/sys/size", values: [16, 8])
Receiving message: OSCMessage("/sys/host", values: ["localhost"])
Receiving message: OSCMessage("/sys/prefix", values: ["/prefix"])
Receiving message: OSCMessage("/sys/size", values: [16, 8])
Receiving message: OSCMessage("/sys/rotation", values: [0])

that’s peculiar, let me attempt to replicate this. which OS are you using? and not that it’s important, but i’m curious what environment you’re programming in?

I’m on M1 Macbook, MacOS 12.6. I’m making it in Swift, currently using OSCKit library. Serialosc was downloaded from brew. And enjoying it a lot.

Thanks for looking into it.

EDIT: I reinstalled serialosc, no change.