Grid kit assembly unavailable!

i just received my grid kit but the page is down for assembly guide. anyone have a copy in pdf form? and firstly, what leds do i need to order?

I navigated from the docs page:

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Sorry about this - @tehn is forwarding the bad link as I type.

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about the leds, i went for something akin to the white leds (CLM3C-MKW…) mentionned in the docs.
They are very bright, but with the /grid/led/intensity command one can choose full brightness for daylight/direct-sunlight use, or dim for late night work.
The most important thing for building the kit imho is a soldering iron with fine tip (~1mm) and sufficient power (15W was alright).
Being methodic it took me three hours to get everything done, with no prior experience in smd soldering (i made plenty of tiny audio cables, though). hf!

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i have a 30w iron. i’ve not done smd either but i did complete the 3trinsrgb video synth without a hitch recently…

so next question: i’m in the uk - can anyone see why these wouldn’t be the right leds to use?

i got the CLM3C-MKW… leds also as they had those in stock