Grid Kit button issues (FIXED)

@tehn and anyone else who can help.
3 of my buttons don’t respond. All LED’s are working though. I checked for a short in the gold plating around the LED’s with my multimeter. Nothing came up. I can run more tests if possible, I’m just not sure what to do.
Here are some pics:

There is some solder still on the contacts. But like I said, I checked for a short between the gold plating traces and it came back clear. I can try to lift more solder off if that seems to be the issue. I’m just afraid of lifting the contacts off or burning the board.

I already lifted the contacts of another button off, I repaired it with wire. That button works fine (the Frankenstein), but these three others don’t…

Thank you.

I thought I remember all the diodes facing the same way. In all 3 of the pad pictures you have diodes at different orientations.

Thanks. I bet that’s it. I thought I had checked that. Guess not.

Thanks again. That is what it was. I checked the diode orientation like 3 times. Guess they all start to blend together…

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