Grid + laptop platform poll

aiming this at anyone interested in developing a gird app or who uses grid apps that run on laptop/desktop computers - answer based on what you prefer using or what you think is the best thing to use.

  • supercollider
  • pd
  • max
  • python
  • nodejs

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&& if I’m missing any platform lmk and I’ll add it. this’ll close in a week and we can see and talk about the results !


clarification: “max” includes max for live devices

I prefer using max. I think pd is the best thing to use.

(I would like my laptop/desktop apps to also run on embedded microcontrollers)


I write grid apps in C for Linux and 256.


Yeah using my own Max stuff to use my two grids to controll Live, Max, Max for Live and to give all my other controllers patches and route them all around.

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just realized I can’t edit the poll ¯\ (ツ)

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whoa what’s this about?

for what it’s worth, I think you should probably just go with whatever you prefer and worry less about its impact with us. It’ll be good and some of us will want to use it. Any platform choice will turn some of us off of it until we feel up to using the platform.


I feel you - this is mostly a curiosity thing for me personally. I think the plan is gonna be to make an effort to try a different thing and see if I like it better than what I use now.

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Banks is what I meant. You can see my setup here:

Gs64 controlls what app 128 is controlling, what banks the akai is on and what bank the faderfox is controlling.

The patch is still a work in progress though :slight_smile:

Also it communicates with the arduino screen which works really well so I don’t need to look at the laptop screen.


I’m using Max4Live now, but I definitely don’t think it’s ideal - and I’ve shifted to mostly using embedded JS scripts for all my logic. After using Norns some, I feel like Lua embedded in PD might be even more productive, and more portable to non-laptop environments (organelle, nebulae, norns, etc).

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