Grid maintenance: cleaning, service, replacement

Some really good maintenance tips can be found here:
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Yes, sorry forgot to add the gs disassembly guide

Have you tried with a regular 1.5mm?
I didn’t even know there existed a imperial set of hex screws :flushed:

cordial greetings everyone,

not sure if someone had mentioned this, or anyone else is facing similar issues, but im just wondering if anyone has tips for cleaning/ maintaining the greyscale 64 (circa 2012).

its buttons are not as responsive as i remembered it to be. any help is appreciated.


My grid keys have been a bit hit and miss registering presses for a while now - I cleaned the contacts on the pcb & the keypads thoroughly with some isopropyl alcohol, but it hasn’t improved noticeably. Would replacing the keypads likely help?
I saw that replacements are available on the Monome site, but as I’m based in the UK, the price seemed quite high - would these adafruit keypads be a suitable replacement?

they will not fit— monome keypads are not OEM, we’ve been refining the design for years.

replacing the keypads will certainly help with key detection. email and we may be able to find a better shipping option.



About 2 months ago I bought a second hand 256 monome grid from, I guess, 2009. It’s working great but sometimes I have to push twice certain keys to make them work (always the same and usually near the wooden border), so I would like to know if I should clean the contacts bellow the pads, or find new silicon pads to replace the old ones. Is there any kind of maintenance that should be done after 13 years of work?

Perhaps @tehn could enlighten us on this matter … :slight_smile:

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You can buy new pads here :smile:

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Oh! Thanks!! I did’t see that last time (I ordered the Buss Power Upgrade) … :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot @tehn! … :slight_smile: