Grid not responsive and shield being weird - any ideas?

Hi all…

I got a new Shield and Grid last week and they’ve been working just grand… until this morning.

When I plug the grid in, the light flicker runs over the grid but then it is totally unresponsive in any scripts… It is present in the Grid menu thingy. I have emailed monome, but am yet to hear back, although I’m sure I will… just wondering whther there is a quick fix someone might be able to suggest?

Also, there are some scripts not out putting any sound - passersby and orgn, but some (ooooooo) are… annnnd at one point when scrolling through scripts on the device, only a handful were accessible.

All very strange as nothing has changed, I just woke up this morning and everything went weird!

Any ideas?


EDIT: I am an idiot. The scripts above are working - plugged in my keystep. It’s just my grid that isn’t working.

Is your grid recognized by a computer by chance?


and also check for errors in maiden

Was the Shield ever unplugged/powered off before being shut down completely? May be a corrupted SD card.

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Thanks everyone… will check all of these…

Pretty certain it has only been powered down correctly…

I tried the RESET, but grid remains unresponsive. Now isn’t reading on the grid menu.

What errors should I be looking for? And how? I am a total newbie to the world.


Just checked… Not obviously!