Grid ops / integration

this is awesome, thanks for posting this! and such a powerful and yet compact system.

love the idea, there are some really interesting possibilities where you could have a fluid UI steering you towards specific playing style (like here you could make the buttons smaller as you progress). i’m really intrigued by the concept of an instrument teaching you how to play it and adjusting as you become better. i gotta try a beat oriented version of this…


Simon was one of the first things I did with my teletype!

Lost the script, but I fed it CV / Gate from the MIDI in so you had to know the tones by ear and be able to play a keyboard.

Grid makes this amazing!


Excellent! Does the pong scene still work with your 2.1 beta or does it need changing? Is this 2.1 beta different from the official 2.1. I’m just not sure the best one to use or whether your ops were already added to the official 2.1 already uploaded few days ago?

i haven’t tested the pong scene with the latest beta, but looking at the scene code it should work fine!

re: versions - the official 2.1.0 release does not include the grid ops. for grid ops you have to use the beta posted here, which is basically exactly what the official 2.1.0 version is plus the grid ops.

ok thanks for the info - i will use your 2.1 beta

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one thing with grid integration is that while working on a scene you have to constantly switch between grid/keyboard which can really break the flow. to help with that there will be a grid preview mode for live screen - this way you can try different ops and see the effect immediately. there will be a button combo to turn the grid preview on/off (thinking ctrl-g). this does mean that the icons that are normally in the top row have to either be hidden or rearranged - i think the latter makes more sense, so that you still have them when in grid preview:

another button combo will switch to full grid preview mode where the whole screen is used:

this covers visual part, but we’d still need a way to test grid input as well, so i’m planning to add new ops that will allow you to emulate pressing a button/fader/any other control or just emulate a grid press for given coordinates. one consequence of that which i didn’t realize until i started working on this part - it means you could use trigger scripts to emulate random (or not random, or sequenced…) button presses, and you could use all the grid scenes without an actual grid.


Magic. Need to sort out my power so I can play with this.

Hi, i tested the pong scene again with the new beta firmware and for some reason the first row is blank and not allowing me to highlight a square, as if the frame has shifted down 1 block. Any ideas? it looks like its a scaling thing? Any chance you could do a quick test to see if you get the same?

there was a change to coordinates system to be 0-based instead of 1-based, so all the grid ops need to be adjusted. i’ll post an updated version of pong tomorrow!

if you customized yours just send it to me in a PM and i can fix it.

no problem, thanks for that, i can wait, no need to send

thank you @scanner_darkly this is such a monumental leap

your work on this project is continually surprising & inventive!


@tehn what are your thoughts on arranging the activity icons vertically? or we could have them displayed horizontally when the grid preview is off and vertically when it’s on. also since i’m working on this area is there anything we want to add/change?

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Can we just move the icons when the grid visualizer is activated, then return them when we go back to live mode?

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yeah, that could be one of the options. this breaks consistency though, and that area is not used right now in the live screen anyway. another option is hiding them completely when the grid preview is on.

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Amazing work! The display reminds me so much of a gameboy in your pictures.


I’m for just hiding them in this display. It’s very modal already.

My post regarding the icon position was removed - maybe because I was not clear enough with my view.

As someone who probably would not use grid functionality a lot with tt I would prefer the icons to stay where they are now in non grid live mode.

it was moved to the live monitoring thread but i did see your post. with the discussion on live monitoring my view now is that the grid preview will be just that, and will not have activity icons on it. it will take the top 6 lines (and will have its own icons related to grid specifically), with the bottom 2 lines remaining for live input.

@tehn, I really do think a little communication is warranted.