Grid ops / integration

Hi, i tested the pong scene again with the new beta firmware and for some reason the first row is blank and not allowing me to highlight a square, as if the frame has shifted down 1 block. Any ideas? it looks like its a scaling thing? Any chance you could do a quick test to see if you get the same?

there was a change to coordinates system to be 0-based instead of 1-based, so all the grid ops need to be adjusted. i’ll post an updated version of pong tomorrow!

if you customized yours just send it to me in a PM and i can fix it.

no problem, thanks for that, i can wait, no need to send

thank you @scanner_darkly this is such a monumental leap

your work on this project is continually surprising & inventive!


@tehn what are your thoughts on arranging the activity icons vertically? or we could have them displayed horizontally when the grid preview is off and vertically when it’s on. also since i’m working on this area is there anything we want to add/change?

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Can we just move the icons when the grid visualizer is activated, then return them when we go back to live mode?

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yeah, that could be one of the options. this breaks consistency though, and that area is not used right now in the live screen anyway. another option is hiding them completely when the grid preview is on.

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Amazing work! The display reminds me so much of a gameboy in your pictures.


I’m for just hiding them in this display. It’s very modal already.

My post regarding the icon position was removed - maybe because I was not clear enough with my view.

As someone who probably would not use grid functionality a lot with tt I would prefer the icons to stay where they are now in non grid live mode.

it was moved to the live monitoring thread but i did see your post. with the discussion on live monitoring my view now is that the grid preview will be just that, and will not have activity icons on it. it will take the top 6 lines (and will have its own icons related to grid specifically), with the bottom 2 lines remaining for live input.

@tehn, I really do think a little communication is warranted.

it wasn’t moved by @tehn. i completely agree any mod actions should be explicitly declared, giving a chance to discuss it first. especially for moving individual posts, quite often such move will completely lose the context. i think a much better solution is to ask the person to post in the relevant thread and leave the original post in the original thread with maybe an edit explaining the discussion is taking place elsewhere.


Yes, it’s just that there are several moderators and it’s not easy to call their attention to these things.

I got a message that it was removed to the other thread. It just was referring to the icons in this thread too but not very clear and now seems a bit displaced over there.

I am not sure if we have to discuss moving posts around and deleting threads again but it does feel more strange to me this way. I think I’d like starting a new thread and referring to it more - everyone can follow what’s happening then and might repost things over there. In my case it would not have been worth posting it again. I had not seen the new thread intime and discussion has already gone further there…

Trying to get living/flowing things like discussions in order by replacing parts of it from a superior point does not always work very good I think…



Sounds like we need a meta post on the matter.

My 2 cents is that yes, it causes some confusion for the authors of the moved posts, but it does so for the benefit of the readers. Do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few?

Live long and prosper, grid integration thread. :vulcan_salute:


honestly right aligned looks pretty great. but perhaps it’s easiest to just hide it altogether when in grid mode and make a bigger grid.

@cmcavoy recently took on trying to sort development issues, which this is one of them. he moved the post, i don’t believe it was deleted. i will make a new post about this.

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Any idea what might be going on here? G.BTN working very intermittently, then not working at all, then G.CLR stops working too.

can you let me know which version are you using? how is the grid powered? and if you could send me the script i’ll see if i can reproduce it. also does it just start happening at some point or is it usually preceded by some other action, like replugging the grid?