Grid ops / integration

i’ll provide instructions on how to modify the scene to achieve this. to clarify, the scene is using fine faders with 208 steps, not 16.

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Great concept! Looks really useful. What happens when you change a fader value but aren’t on either end of the preset-morphing spectrum? Does it set the value for the end it’s closer to?

it will just update the current value for that fader but if you press on the crossfader it’ll get reset to what it should be according to the position. this is a nice way to manually change values when you need to. i also thought of doing something mutable frames like where you could define additional points but not sure i can manage to fit it into 8 scripts. maybe a couple of additional points though…

thanks for starting the thread on er-301 forum, i’ll post there when i get a chance!


Holy shoot. I just went through the studies on grid integration. Even for those who don’t own a grid, the visual feedback from grid mode is very handy. Looking forward to the completion of the studies (e.g. faders) and taking the time to absorb them. Thank you @scanner_darkly.

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Hi there, is monome 40h compatible with teletype or do I need a mod ?

check this thread (this thread should probably be merged there): Ansible 8x8 grid compatibility (40h)

basically, it should work, but i don’t think anybody confirmed for sure. maybe somebody who has 40h and used it with teletype can comment?

Thanks. It was appearing unclear to me in the other thread.
Actually, I’d just like to know if it would require dev time for customizing some firmware (which I don’t have time to do, unfortunately) or if it works as it is (actually 8 < 16, so I think it requires mods)

teletype grid integration supports any grid size. if you want to use somebody else’s scene that was created for grid 128 or 256 you might need to modify it but in most cases it should be as simple as updating a few numbers in the scripts.

the teletype grid control mode also works with any grid size.

mods - could you merge this thread to Grid ops / integration? :pray: edit: thanks @tehn!


thx a lot.
I’ll grab that old 40h and connect it and … use it :slight_smile:

thanks @tehn for the merge

just remember to power it externally :slight_smile:

the 1st thing you could try - after connecting it press the front panel button on the module, this will open the grid control mode which will allow you to use grid to trigger scripts / edit variables / edit tracker and more without having to program anything.

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gosh about the power.

in case anybody missed the teletype 3.0 thread - grid integration has been officially released as part of the teletype 3.0 release, available for download here:

now that the release is out my very next goal is to go over the grid studies, make sure they are up-to-date and add more (in the very least something on faders and paging and more examples of how to code certain things).


Despite all warnings i plugged my 2013 grid directly to TT and it works perfectly!

it might work if not a lot of LEDs are lit, but it’s possible that it’ll freeze if your scripts result in going over the threshold it can handle. so yeah, if you make sure to only use a few LEDs (and/or use lower brightness) it’s possible to use it without powering grid externally.

Finally got a grid on the way to use with the Teletype! Now I need to figure out how to power it. Was about to order an off-world but was wondering if the usb splitter thing that came with my BeatStep pro would work? Anyone tried this? Also curious if this would work in conjunction with a USB switch to have grid and keyboard connected at the same time.

the main challenge for the Beatstep Pro splitter is the splitter goes from male micro-USB to 2 female micro-USB, while the grid has a female mini-USB port, so you’d need an adapter or uncommon cable in order to use it, but modulo that I believe people have had success with it?

The Arturia adapter works fine for me with the micro USB adapter. I posted a photo of the one I bought here

Don’t have a USB switch between keyboard and grid yet. If you find something that works please share!


@scanner_darkly had said something about a switch someone was working on and someone else in the forum spoke of one, but I’ve not seen any updates on such a device. Scanner?

I’ve got a bin of parts earmarked for a 3-way switch which includes external power and keyboard switching for the Teletype. The wind went out of my sails when I sold my norns…

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You sold a Norns??? Why? I’m doing everything I can to NOT buy one in the first place…well until Crow is done and things on the dev side calm a bit more.

I’d buy a switch from you should you go forward on making them.