Grid ops / integration

yes, you can connect grid directly to teletype. the earlier reported issue after investigation turned out to be unrelated.

it is possible however that with too many LEDs lit teletype will not be able to handle the load in which case it will shut down and require a power cycle, but it won’t get damaged.


Awesome! Thanks very much :slight_smile:

Does the MLR script need to be edited by the user in any way to make it work how it does in your IG video?

I’m only able to have it advance and send a trigger out from the internal clock of teletype. When I load it up it’s sending triggers out on 1-4 on every clock pulse.

I’ve gotten as far as setting up a chopped sample in the ER-301 and having it play all the slices but only when teletype has M.ACT set to 1. When I turn it off and have a clock running into input 1 it advances the step on the grid but isn’t sending a trig out of 1. I also noticed that when you paused the track on the grid it sent a trig out whenever you picked a slice to play. When I stop a track from playing I am unable to move around the slices on the grid manually. I’m sorry if this is a waste of time I’m new to teletype and have spent a few hours trying to figure this out before asking. I pulled the mlr2.txt script from a post on this thread

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yeah it’s possible the script doesn’t work anymore. i’m planning to work on grid studies soon and will revisit the mlr script as well, long overdue!


Ahh ok I feel a little better now knowing I didn’t completely miss something here. Thanks for the heads up. Time to get going on the basics so I can get up to speed and hopefully contribute here one day.

I am having a lot of fun with grid ops: it is changing how I make music. I am starting to run into very hard limits due to lack of script space, however.

One thing that would help is if grid setup could be done in one scene and preserved when the scene that runs/processes the grid is loaded. Right now loading a scene wipes out everything–which prevents setting up the grid in the first scene. I saw a discussion somewhere on lines about some variations on the SCENE op that preserved certain data and/or executed the target scene’s init script–this would be wonderful! I think we’d need variations to cover (non-)preservation of button state and control elements.

What would help right now is being able to preserve control element definitions from the first scene while loading button/fader state from the second scene. This would save me at least 3 full scripts over what I’m doing now, which is the equivalent of 50% more script space!

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Ah but loading a scene using the SCENE OP doesn’t wipe anything :wink: have fun!

Ah I misunderstood, and yes I echo your desire for more variations on that OP!

yeah it’ll have to be a new op, since changing SCENE to not reinitialize grid controls would mean all the existing scenes would need to be modified to add G.RST somewhere.

so maybe something like SCENE.G scene which would load the specified scene without resetting grid controls? i believe control states do get loaded when using SCENE.

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Yes! That would be fantastic! :slight_smile:

For context, this scene I’m performing with tonight has to initialize 4 synced TXo metro triggers, 3 TXo envelopes, 5(!) TXo LFOs, 3 TXi knobs, 3 TXi CV inputs, 13 groups of buttons, and 8 groups of 8 faders. I’m doing all the Telex setup in another scene and the grid plus running controls in another scene. I think I have one unused line of code in the second scene!


… dreaming of SCENE.G :star_struck:

If there’s anything I can do to help this along, please let me know. :beer::burrito::doughnut:

i’ll try to get to it within the next couple of weeks.

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What kind of beer (or nosebleedy ginger beer, wine, etc) do you like?

IPA, but no beer is necessary :slight_smile:


Confused. I thought that beer was always necessary. Didn’t Homer say that beer was “the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems”? Or something like that?

Thanks for all that you do for the ecosystem!!



d’oh! i should’ve phrased it better :slight_smile: half of grid teletype integration was powered by IPA! (and probably a couple of bugs)


I don’t have a grid, but I do have a teletupe. Is it possible to use the grid part of teletype without a hardware grid? I imagine it’s like a 16x16 array of bools. Obvious use: store rhythmic information?

Yes, the grid visualizer mode works really well!

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yep as @jnoble mentions you can use the grid visualizer to emulate grid. and yes, you could treat virtual buttons as booleans (and faders can be used to store integer values).

also, many of the generative scenes (like game of life) can be used without ever interacting with grid at all.

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@jnoble - SCENE.G added, give it a try! new beta posted here: Teletype 3.+ feature requests and discussion

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Thanks, will have a look at the game of life, might answer all my questions!!

Related to my original question and the SCENE.G feature: Will the grid be wiped when loading a scene? Any way to keep the grid?