Grid ops / integration



Full releases come in a zip file with the update_firmware.command file. Grab one from a release zip and put it in the same folder as the beta teletype.hex.

Ansible Earthsea

Of course - awesome thank you!!


Finally installed this last night. I haven’t built an Offworld yet, so I am only able to use the built-in visualizer.

However, I loaded up @ghost’s Daemon port and had instantly usable results. Between this and @Dewb’s VCV Rack ports, I’m very excited for all of this new potential with my Monome hardware.


Silly question because I’m not 100% sure of the Offworld thing… If I’m using a Switch that does the same power-handling-help as the Offworld, and the reason you need an Offworld is simply the power of running a grid off of the Teletype port?


You can just use the Switch. I had sold my Switch since I eliminated my Trilogy modules in favor of two Ansibles, and then one Ansible.

The Teletype doesn’t provide enough power for the Grid, but the Switch and Offworld series do.


yep, you can use either option. i use a switch with one of my teletypes and ext5v (which is the older version of the offworld) with the other one.


is it dangerous to run your grid off the teletype? i just installed the grid integration firmware and i don’t have an offworld yet so i tried plugging it into the grid and it seems to work. i just finished the trigger visualizer here: and found that i could illuminate all of the grid buttons from teletype power by pressing all 8 buttons at once. it does get a little bit flickery with all the buttons lit up, but it’s flicker free with 7 of 8 buttons held down (112 grid buttons fully illuminated).


i’m not sure how safe it is, but as there might be a chance it could damage it avoiding it would be probably a prudent thing to do.

you can do quite a bit with visualizer now, it might actually be an even better way to go through the studies as you don’t have to switch as often.


hey guys probably a dumb question, just got delivered a TT and willing to give @scanner_darkly’s firmware a shot but how do you guys alternate coding/gridding in an easy way? is the only solution here to just plug keyboard -> code a little -> unplug keyboard -> plug grid -> test ?

Is that the workflow? thanks


Welcome (back) to the TT !
Well, yeah. You got it right. But you can do quite a lot from the Grid Simulator.


Ok bein merci @chapelierfou! will give that a go, can’t wait to try your rene simulator :slight_smile:


Good you’re asking! I have recently bought some parts for a solution… It’s ugly, but has been working great so far…

I got this usb switch:

Then I use two of these:

And a A-A cable which goes from the switchbox to teletype… Then the Keyboard to one “input” and the grid to the other, each via these adapters. Don’t forget to power the grid of course!!! I have a (monome) switch in between the grid connection.

Again, not pretty, but have it vertically standing at the side of my case, the long adapters hidden behind, and I can switch focus/input with the press of a button. (of course grid interaction stops when the focus is on the keyboard)

One caveat I found: some cables A-B wouldn’t work for some reason. Also had to sometimes re-power via the monome switch to re-gain focus on the grid. Using another cable fixed the issues I had. Might have been broken or poor quality cables. But this is still only tested for a few hours.


Oh that’s great, thanks for the heads up @sakul ! :slight_smile:


Well I also use the (monome) switch with earthsea, so this isn’t an option for me.
BUT: My understanding is that monome switch powers the device on the USB A Port. I would expect this not be invertible. But someone with better understanding of the circuit would have to chime in sorry…

Edit: We are pretty OT. sorry guys! @Admins might move these to new thread…


yeah never mind I actually don’t think it could work but your solution is great (and cheap!) thanks


Just a though:

G.GBTN.L group odd_level even_level
“set brightness level for all buttons in the group”

For this op, would it be possible to make it so that if you only enter 1 number at the end it will make the level uniform? Striped colour is cool but would be nice to get those 2 extra characters when not using (which for me so far has been the vast majority) :slight_smile:


unfortunately not possible to have a variable number of parameters… it would need to be a separate op, and i think if it was added then being able to specify 2 different levels would become too much of a special case, so wouldn’t deserve its own op. so maybe we should just change it to G.GBTN.L group level?


sorry for being dense, but I just made it through the whole grid studies and i still have no idea how to access the grid visualizer on the teletype. the first page of the studies mentions it:

“the grid visualization page which we’ll cover in a bit”

but it never came up again. is there somewhere in the docs that i missed where it is covered?


In that case then I would probably leave it as is - it’s a fun feature and only 2 characters extra.

CTRL G on the live page


this is a great find - i did consider giving something like that a try, but wasn’t sure it would work. if it does this would simplify things considerably!