Grid ops / integration



for faders direction is determined by the specified fader type. direction affects its operation, whether you change the value horizontally or vertically. it’s not related to width and height at all, so you are free to make, say a 5x5 fader which can be either horizontal or vertical.

in most cases you’ll probably use the width of 1 for vertical faders and the height of 1 for horizontal faders, but in some cases “thicker” faders make sense, so the ops give you the flexibility to do whatever works best for your scene.


thanks, Monsier Darkly, that helps!


I keep thinking about the possibility of a keyboard emulator mode using the Grid to type… or I guess I could roll an external switch which routes the Grid into a RasPi, turning serialosc input into HID output. Regardless, typing on a featureless orthogonal keyboard might be tricky. :rofl:


That’s interesting! I have a vague memory of a specialist input controller in the 80s which had just 6 (or was it 8) buttons. The user would ‘draw’ a shape representing the letter they wanted to enter.

Another possibility could be a system similar to old mobile phone keypads, where the top-left pad would be used for “A, B, C” depending on whether you tapped it 1,2,3 times.

Not very practical for entering scripts but interesting to think about the possibilities (to me, anyway!)


that’s crazy, i love the idea! but probably not very practical, it would still be easier to just plug a keyboard…

could just use braille, you would only need a 2x3 button block. this does make me wonder if there is some possible practical application for it as it would be easy to implement.

on a related note, the next feature i’ll be working on is using grid to load/save scenes, trigger and mute scripts and do a few other things.


Man… Grid is sold out right now…


not a proper replacement, of course, but you can try grid integration even without a grid - the grid visualizer can be surprisingly effective for some scenes.


The converse idea occurs to me: using a HID keyboard as a grid. (No lights of course)


did consider that but i think the lack of visual feedback would make it not super usable…


having recently spent a few days working on my first grid+tt+er-301 scene, i found the grid emulator (the first one accessible with Alt+G from the prompt screen) very useful and barely needed to switch between keyboard and grid.

One thing about the keyboard shortcuts, though, was that i wish this grid emulator (the small one, not the fullscreen one) were accessible with the ~ key, in the same rotation between empty prompt and variable display. I can live with Alt+G but i feel that ~ would make overall navigation a tiny bit leaner.


it would be definitely more usable, however grid integration must be done in a way that doesn’t interfere with the workflow of folks who don’t use it. therefore a separate shortcut seemed more appropriate. we could revisit this in the future once 2.3 is officially released and more ppl had a chance to try it.


I just picked one up at analog haven. I think they still have some (still on sale even?). Mostly on the enthusiasm from this thread!


Thanks for the heads up! Was looking at the monome order page daily, ordered now from AH


sure, i totally understand the need for careful appreciation of potentially disrupting additions.

Another thing while i think of it, the blank screensaver is not interrupted by a grid input.
But I guess it is already addressed by the forthcoming grid control mode.


i considered adding this, but figured that people might still want the screensaver running while using grid. to exit in this case without reconnecting keyboard you could just use the front panel button.


So I’m making headway with the grid ops! I have a variation of an MLR thing happening. One fader row selects a different loop in the ER301, another fader selects whether it’s played forward, backwards, rrand, or drunk. Fun! I’m just gonna keep going, do sequence variations, etc…this is gonna be so cool!

HOWEVER…I am a little confused about one thing. I thought when you defined a fader, the level for course faders was the nominal background level? None of my fader buttons are lit except when a location is selected. Do I need to manually ‘draw’ the fader with g.rec?


yep, you’re totally correct, it’s a bug. i’ll have a fix included in the next beta. and yeah, for now you can just use G.REC with level of -2 as a workaround.


My teletype just instantly died (stopped powering up, no leds light up screen all black) after i attempted to plug the grid to it (not powered externally) to test a scene i was working on.
I’m aware that i should power the grid externally (had already ordered the cables to do so) but i had no idea i could fry the teletype by trying this :confused:
Is there anything i can do?


Faderbank Run: See top post for status

have you tried powering it up again with grid disconnected?


Yeah :confused: also tried connecting it to my laptop to try and reflash it but laptop wouldn’t recognize it.