Grid ops / integration

this would be so seriously awesome! is there a thread on the orthogonal forum? if not perhaps somebody who is a regular there could start one?


@odevices name is also Brian.

I made a thread


So many shared users. I occasionally forget which forum I’m on :laughing:

I’ll add my support over here as well. The combo would probably be the most powerful 48HP generative system possible.


i’ve posted beta version in the op for folks who want to give it a try.

warning: teletype cannot provide sufficient power to grid! please only try this firmware if you can power grid externally using monome switch, ext5v or something similar! and as always your presets will be erased when flashing new firmware.

i should also mention that there is a very small chance this version won’t work, i compiled it on my laptop and i’m not able to verify it at the moment (i’m looking after my partner after his surgery and i forgot to bring the usb cable…). should likely work though!

one more thing: this version is pretty much the official 2.0 version plus my changes to improve i2c and screen and keyboard responsiveness. i’m going to rebase grid implementation on the official firmware next week but this involves some work (a bunch of merge conflicts…) so will take some time. and then once 2.1 is officially out i’ll rebase based on that. this is to reduce confusion with multiple versions. until then there are some very slight differences with the official firmware.

if you would like to try this i will refer again to the grid studies: - this is a good way to get started. i’ll be happy to answer any questions here as well, and will post more examples tomorrow.


So many exciting stuff !!! I’m back in the TT game !

I think this is the case, or it is for me at least. The TT boots up fine, but the grid commands only seem to work on the top row of the grid. For instance, the command

G.BTN 1 1 1 2 2 1 5 0

gives me 2 led lit on the top row only. This is also true of

G.REC 3 3 4 4 0 RRAND 1 15

which lights the leds at 3-6 on the top row.

interesting, i would expect it to either work or not work at all… a couple of questions - what grid are you using, 64, 128 or 256? also, could you try plugging in the grid, then plugging the keyboard again and repeat the same ops and see if that makes a difference? there was a bug where it would use the grid size to determine how to render, so it wouldn’t do it properly until grid was plugged in, but i fixed it a while ago and it shouldn’t matter anymore, but maybe it sneaked back in.

thanks for help with testing and detailed report!

I am using a 128, the most recent one.

I tried:

  1. Connect Grid
  2. Disconnect Grid/Connect Keyboard
  3. Run “G.LED 8 8 15”
  4. Reconnect Grid

but the same behavior persists. ( in this instance, led 8 on the top row lit.)

thanks for checking! let me see if i can find where the problem is (or try and find a cable here so i can reproduce). if that fails i should be able to post a confirmed working version on tuesday at the latest.


inspired by the turtle discussion i wanted to try a simple idea, a dot bouncing in a rectangle. managed to do it but had to use almost all of the scripts - half of it is the actual logic and half of it is determining the speed and direction from button presses.

distance between the pressed buttons determines both speed and direction. whenever a wall is hit the corresponding trigger is fired. CV outputs are used for pitches which correspond to horizontal and vertical speed. i’ll post the actual script once i refactor it a bit (also, sorry for posting more examples without a working beta, i should be able to post a proper beta on wednesday!)


I’m curious if one would be able to use the grid with teletype using the Y usb adaption detailed in this thread?

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Yes, that should work. I am using a Y splitter from a Beatstep Pro, with a micro/mini adapter.


This is really great! Do you think that something like this, i.e. a turtle visualizer, would be less script hungry once the turtle is implemented on the TT?

What about a powered USB hub… have the keyboard and grid plugged in at once?! Or is that too crazy? :wink:

yeah, definitely, as you wouldn’t need to implement turtle logic in the scripts, just the visualizing part and the controller part (controlling turtle actions with grid).

unfortunately this is not possible… hubs have their own protocol which is not supported right now, and adding support for it would be a major and non trivial task.


i have to look after my partner for a few more days, so unfortunately i won’t be able to post a working beta until next week. if any of the devs who have the toolchain set up would get a chance to build from my branch (i have a suspicion the issue is due to how my toolchain is set up on my laptop which i have here) that would be awesome - please PM me!


a different take on the previous scene - now it will generate a note (which is determined by the horizontal position) whenever it hits a block. it will also change the direction randomly. this one actually turned out to be easier than the previous one, everything took 22 lines of scripts which leaves quite a bit for further exploration.


Wow that’s beautiful – a great way to mix randomized events in a way that still sounds natural and familiar.
Very excited for this!

unreal that you accomplished this with 22 lines. super super impressed.


Very impressie!
A TT noob question: do you do all the coding inside the TT?!

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