Grid ops / integration



oh right. sorry, been a few years. that is just how it works - the framebuffer is always 16x16 no matter what the physical grid size, and data on the wire is always per-quadrant.

(seems like maybe the rot crept in when we started using the buffer directly instead of accessor functions - remember that?)


Hah, I got everything compiled but ran into:

./simple: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Applying the patch doesn’t seem to fix this.


woop again, sorry. too much multitasking.
try sudo ./waf install

and - my god, i’m really losing it - the patch is stupid and assumes your device is at /dev/ttyUSB0. series device is probably something else. you can edit the string in examples/simple.c, or run examples/test with the device path as the first argument - that program is not interactive though, it just runs through some animations.


yeah i think it makes sense. i don’t actually remember ever using accessor functions! it’s just so much easier having direct access to the buffer (although funny enough the accessor functions would prevent this very issue). and i still tend to think performance impact would be noticeable, using a buffer means i don’t have to worry too much about it when doing things like implementing grid rotation (which is just swapping buffer values).

and also the case we discussed before, multiple apps maintaining their own buffers.


Thanks so much for the quick help. It is indeed connected to /dev/ttyUSB0, so that part is fine.

Installing libmonome didn’t fix the library loading issue, oddly.


@scanner_darkly has been busy again, and my old school series 64 grid is up and working properly. :slight_smile:

I can’t say enough good things about the talent and commitment so many of us are the beneficiaries of here.


Hey, I have got my teletype back (about like 2-3 weeks ago) and all has been working great!
I now have a USB Y data - power cable (with the red cable cutoff on the data side) to power the grid externally.
I have been using the teletype with grid without any problem (will post a scene soon in the grid code exchange).
I was wondering if with one of these desktop USB switches ( I could use the grid with ansible and teletype (and/or raspberry pi) at the same time (using the switch to switch displays on grid). (assuming i would connect the data only cable to the 1x USB DEVICE port on this switch and then 2x normal USB to USB cables on the 2x USB outputs on the switch (these would be connected to ansible and teletype)). Would this work without creating power problems? (i’m aware of the existence of the monome switch, i just wanted something similar but at my desktop instead of being in the rack).
Thanks :slight_smile:


i can’t really confirm whether it would work… in theory if you use a purely mechanical switch, and you connect the data only cable to it it should be fine. this one also has LEDs so i assume it draws some power, but it’s probably so small that it shouldn’t be a problem. the bigger question is whether it acts as a usb hub, in which case you won’t be able to use it with either ansible or teletype.


I’m not sure I understand this after looking at Digi-Key and Sanken’s own web site: the lowest current capacity I see for that part is 600mA for the SI-8050W in SOP8. Just curious, I’m sure there’s a reason–thermal issues?

Edit: @tehn, not sure if you saw this–any thoughts?


This maybe quite a long shot, but does anybody have 1st hand experience with using a USB switch to switch between TT keyboard and grid (powered via switch) on the TT’s USB connector? Which USB switch does the trick?


there is a couple of posts upthread about this:

looks like it works with some switches but i couldn’t get mine to work.


Thanks – I searched lines for “USB switch TT grid”, but these posts were not found.


just finished the final grid ops for the 2.3 version (i’m hoping to add more but saving that for future versions). these should be helpful for using buttons to define loop points / simple scales etc.

G.GBTN.C group
get the count of all currently pressed buttons in a group

G.GBTN.I group index
get the id of a currently pressed button by index (index is 0-based)

G.GBTN.W group
get the width of a block represented by currently pressed buttons in a group

G.GBTN.H group
get the height of a block represented by currently pressed buttons in a group

G.GBTN.X1 group
get x coordinate for the leftmost pressed button in a group

G.GBTN.X2 group
get x coordinate for the rightmost pressed button in a group

G.GBTN.Y1 group
get y coordinate for the highest pressed button in a group

G.GBTN.Y2 group
get y coordinate for the lowest pressed button in a group


the new grid control mode. this is what i originally envisioned for grid/teletype integration - using grid to trigger scripts, edit tracker etc. the cool thing is it can be useful even with non grid scenes, but especially so when used together with grid scripts - this saves you on having to implement pattern editing and things like that.

with grid control you can:

  • switch between different views
  • trigger / mute scripts, including metro and init
  • kill delays/slews
  • toggle comments in scripts
  • scroll through history on live screen and execute commands
  • change variable values
  • control grid visualizer
  • edit pattern values, set start/end points, set current position, toggle and move turtle
  • load ans save presets

it’s fitting that it was almost exactly a year ago when i did a simple mod to have grid recognized by teletype. what a journey this has been… i’m planning to post a 2.3 release candidate tomorrow.


This is insanely cool, thanks !


Such incredible work. thank you so much!!

One thing that I noticed about grid control… it almost all fits in 64, yet I won’t be able to use it with a 64 because it’s on the right half. Any chance for flipping it around to the left side? (With the caveat of having some controls less on 64 of course).

And I’m ashamed for having brought a requests after you finally found the time to finish the thing🙈

Don’t worry if not, might be a fun hacking project.

thanks again for your hard work!


Check the very end of @scanner_darkly’s youtube video - the 64 is already supported.


Ah crap, only been looking halfway through. Thanks for pointing out!!

Edit: so amazing! Cant wait to play with when at home…


More amazing work from @scanner_darkly! I used grid ops live with my walnut series 64 grid for the first time last Wednesday night. It worked perfectly!


Great work @scanner_darkly!