Grid ops / integration



worth mentioning - the latest posted beta won’t properly work with grid 64, the release candidate i’ll post tonight will include a fix for that as well.


thanks for the heads up! :slight_smile: and no time pressure from me please.


time pressure is from myself, so i can start working on other projects :slight_smile:


for folks that don’t watch the 2.3 thread - i’ve posted a release candidate here: Teletype 3.0 it includes the grid control mode and some new grid ops among other things.

one thing worth mentioning - it will not require a user to confirm their grid is powered externally. it appears the issue reported earlier in this thread was caused by something else, not grid. however, this does not mean it’s okay to connect grid directly to teletype - please make sure to always power it externally!

once 2.3 is officially released my next step will be going over the grid studies, making sure everything is up-to-date and adding missing studies.


Monsier Darkly, This is cool!

You mentioned that some Grid/ops were changed in such a way as to break previous code. Is there a change log or list of such issues?



that was probably in reference to changing grid visualizer shortcuts to use ALT instead of CTRL. also there was a change to make coordinates 0-based instead of 1-based, but that was a while ago. there are no breaking changes between the previous beta and the latest release!


Is there a way to move faster around the grid visualizer? If not, is something like alt+arrows (in full-screen grid) to move ~4 spaces possible? I don’t have a grid and am just now digging into this functionality so pls forgive if this is already discussed etc

btw this is incredible, i love having this as a layer of control and interaction! thanks for making cool things.


yeah, this could definitely be done. not planning to add anything to 2.3 at this point but i’ll add this in a future version.


So I finally have the sort of ad-hoc, slowly-cobbled-together sequencer scene that I feel like TT was actually built for, and I’ve been feeling… vaguely guilty that I haven’t packaged it up into an “app” for the grid? But now there’s grid control mode and I don’t have to!

… I just have to move more functionality into the variables somehow. hmmm


What the?! Holy smokes, @scanner_darkly. As if the grid ops weren’t awesome enough. I didn’t realize until now that there was this whole grid control mode.

Mind is kinda blown right now! :scream: Very, very nice!!


thanks! yeah, grid control can be useful (maybe especially so) with non grid scenes. and not just via variables. say, if you’re using pattern banks as values for a quatizer type scene you could use the grid control to edit scales using the tracker edit page (or you could switch between different scales with scripts and use grid to trigger the scripts).


Oh, for sure, the pattern stuff is crucial (although part of me would love a way to automatically move the pattern start and end along with me as I page up and down, maybe by 8 or optionally 16?). My scene was already wired to run all four patterns, two for notes and two for rhythms; now I’ve done up A, B, and C to change which ones point at which. So both rhythm patterns might independently step through the same series of notes, sending to two different CVs and triggers; or I can split them up between two note sequences, or use the same rhythm on both sets of notes. I’d love to get a quantizer into this somehow…

OHHHHH that reminds me: my 2.4 feature request is for script mode. Let me hold down a comment-this-line button and then press a button on row 3 (so, row index 2, yeah?) to increment or decrement one of the numbers on that line of script. So, row 3 when you’re holding down a line button would:

[dec 1st #] [dec 2nd #] [dec 3rd #] [dec 4th #] [inc 1st #] [inc 2nd #] [inc 3rd #] [inc 4th #] 

Does that make sense? Is it too baroque? And obvs it’s not new feature time right now.

Anyway I’m having a blast <3


i like the idea of being able to set pattern start/end in pages of 8. this could be done in a way that fits into the existing UI - hold “set start” button and then press one of the 8 page buttons to set the start to the beginning of that page, or press and hold “set end” button and press a page button to set the end to the end of that page. this would have to be done for either all four banks, or just the currently selected one - probably the latter.

incrementing/decrementing selected values in a script is probably too much of a special case… i’d say this would be a good case for replacing a constant value with a variable or a pattern value and editing that instead.


Had a go at grid control and it is really a nice add. I feel like I could use a cheat sheet until I become one with it. Does anything exist today?


sorry - another thing i need to document, at this point the video is the only reference. i’ll put something together tomorrow.


Awesome. Not trying to rush - just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing it.


started on documenting the grid control mode. hoping to finish tomorrow but want to post at least this one for now. these are the buttons shared by script and live pages:


Looking great! This is going to be a huge help in getting familiar with grid integration. Thank you!


will add proper explanations later, for now these diagrams should be helpful:


grid visualizer and grid control mode pages are now fully documented:

grid visualizer
grid control mode