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@scanner_darkly had said something about a switch someone was working on and someone else in the forum spoke of one, but I’ve not seen any updates on such a device. Scanner?


I’ve got a bin of parts earmarked for a 3-way switch which includes external power and keyboard switching for the Teletype. The wind went out of my sails when I sold my norns…


You sold a Norns??? Why? I’m doing everything I can to NOT buy one in the first place…well until Crow is done and things on the dev side calm a bit more.

I’d buy a switch from you should you go forward on making them.


I decided that being part of the early development process for norns would eat far too much time I could otherwise spend dreaming up esoteric sequencer apps for Teletype… oh, and making music :smile:

I will post the “schematic” for the switch this week. It’s really just a 4P3T “break before make” switch with some jacks and normalizations. It’d be cool to make a powered switch with footswitch control someday.


re: usb switch - it’s in production right now. i will share details in a new thread once it’s close to done. don’t have the price and timelines finalized yet, but hoping to be able to get it into people’s hands in a couple of months maybe? will also open source the files after the initial run.

@desolationjones - that would be great! the more solutions we have for this the better. the switch i’m working on is more meant for people who don’t want to DIY one.


Thanks Joe, adapter on its way. As for the switch, I will wait to see what scannerdarkly comes up with.


This solution works like a charm for me.

I have an Intellijel tsp80 and also used an psu3 before. This shouldn’t matter right? But since others had less success with ubs switches, I mention it as a data point. I also had a smaller usb switch which didn’t work as the switching was digital, in contrast to this one which is mechanical.


i think we all do this on so many different fronts!


So true!! Does he ever sleep?


How did this go? Curious as I’ve an old 40h too and an wondering the same.


How’s this going? I didn’t miss it did I? I definitely want one when they are finished. :slight_smile:


Yes! - looking forward to a usb switch solution


me three! + 20 characters of excite


no news at the moment i’m afraid - i will definitely share details as soon as i can! trying to do the responsible thing and wait for the production to complete first. keep an eye on this thread, when i post i’ll link it here as well.


I totally understand - I’m just relieved I didn’t miss it. Many of these limited run kinds of things seem to go fast. :wink:


Is there a way to invert the LED state of a momentary button ? I’m using a very old walnut 256 grid, it’s not varibright and sometimes it’s difficult to remember where the controls are in my scene, that’s not a big issue but in case a solution exists… Thanks!


i’ll likely add more button types in the future, i’ll make sure to include inverted versions! for now there is a couple of workarounds.

when you define a button set its level to at least 8 (brightness of 8 and higher will result in a lit LED on non vb grids). this will create a button that’s always lit (as a released button will have a level of 8 and pressed buttons are always displayed with the level of 15).

if you want visual feedback for presses add this line to the script assigned to the button (replace x and y below with the button coordinates):

G.LED x y ? G.BTNV 0 -3

so what happens is - when a button is released it will set the “LED” value to -3 (which is the same as clearing the LED), so the button underneath will be shown as lit (since it has the brightness level of 8). but when it’s pressed it will draw an LED over it with the brightness of 0, so it will appear as dark.

this assumes the button size is 1x1, if it’s different use G.REC or G.RCT instead. also you could make it work for any coordinates but this will require 2 lines:

I ? G.BTNV 0 -3


Thanks a lot ! I’ll try to add this to my script tomorrow if there’s a line available, that’s a great workaround for non-Varibright units. Thanks again!


Sorry but I have two more questions if you don’t mind and while I think of them:

1: I discovered that pressing the current button/value of a coarse fader + the destination button makes it move step by step to the destination value, that’s very useful, is this slew time set with the metronome or another setting ? (Trying to find the more discrete way to adjust volume on an Er-301)

2: if I need to use G.GFDR.RN does it work only with specifying V n V n or could I use G.GFDR.RN 2 14000 16386 ?

  1. right now the slew time for fader slides is fixed, i’ll add an op later so that it can be controlled. btw you can use fader slides with fine faders too!

  2. V ops are simply convenience shortcuts to get values that would result in specific voltages when used with CV ops. V 1 is the same as using 1638, for instance. you can use any numbers with G.GFDR.RN, doesn’t have to be V n (but it’s convenient if you are planning to assign a fader’s value to a CV output). You could also use N n for semitones.