Grid ops / integration



Great ! Thanks for your reply and for all you do for this awesome module of course :slight_smile:


About faders, i have been playing a bit with them recently, and i am wondering if a type of fader where the “decrease step” and “increase step” buttons are right next to each other (following the direction of the fader of course) would be helpful to allow more simultaneous fader adjustments ?
Ie, in the simple case of a row of faders, a single finger could be assigned to each fader.
I am not sure if the ergonomics of that would be closer to a physical fader than the existing implementations. And then arises the problem of visually delimitating the upper end of the fader.
Maybe i am just a bit impatient waiting for the faderbank sources to see the light of the day. ^^


that’s a cool idea! not sure if it warrants adding a new fader type though…


Hi all, wanted to write here in case some might be wondering and powering the Grid directly with new TT.

I have the latest revision of TT, and I have been running the Grid directly into TT without external power, running Grid Ops, and have not encountered noise issues. I’m using an Intellijel tps 30 with the meanwell gsM60A15, and I think I’m almost maxed out on the power on my +12.

So good news?

Hopefully :slight_smile:


Ok Maybe I spoke too soon. Left everything on for a bit and when I came back, screen on TT was off completely but the patch kept playing. Don’t know what happened, but after power cycle, it works again.


There’s a screensaver on the TT, if you left it for more than 90 minutes, that’s probably the reason :slight_smile:

"Screen saver engages after 90 minutes of inactivity"


Yes! Saw that soon after I posted that last message lol good to know, so all is good with direct Grid powering with TT


if the screen goes to sleep while grid is connected you can just press anywhere on the grid to wake it up.


It didn’t wake from Grid press actually. I power cycled cos I thought something went wrong. Immediately after that, the keyboard also wasn’t working properly, and I had to connect keyboard to my computer, reconnect to TT before it worked again. I was using Fugetta for jf patch when this happened.


double checked the code and should clarify: pressing on grid will only wake it up if you’re in grid control mode (since using it implies you want to see the screen). otherwise it won’t, the reason being - if you are using a grid scene you might not want the screen to be kept “awake” whenever you press a grid button. if you do want to exit the screen saver in such scenario just press the front panel button.

re: keyboard - yeah sometimes it fails to do the handshake, just disconnect and reconnect and it should take care of it.


Thanks for this info and for checking!