Grid rotation on norns?

hey all -

i’ve searched and have seen that grid rotation has been implemented on norns, but i can’t find any information on how to actually change mine’s rotation. it looks like on a previous version it was easy to find in the devices menu - but that doesn’t seem to still be the case. everything i can find on the subject is a year and a half old.

i’m working on a script that uses two grids - a 128 and a 64 - and want to flip the 64 so the cable can be in a useful orientation. how do i do this?

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You can take a look at the code of my grid-test script

most simply

value = 0 -- value here is 0,1,2,3  for "0","90","180","270"
grid_device = grid.connect()

oh that’s great! that script never came up in my search. i’ll give it a try!

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It was not previously in the community repo - but I’ve just submitted it there.

more info here


it works! wow, that was pretty easy. thank you!


In case it’s not clear, you’ll need to add that to any script you need rotation in.

I had a master plan to start opening PRs to add grid rotation to my most-used scripts, but… IRL, ya know :wink:


would be cool if this could be an option in the global params/Midi devices menu. can think of many instances when having this would make my cable-ing more tidy and less distracting :slight_smile:

this has been logged for a while now:

I’ll see if it’s something I can add, but if anybody’s contributed to the UI before this would be nice to close!


EDIT new to git - misunderstood. disregard!

this is a somewhat messy UI problem to solve for the menu system.

i’ll try to prioritize it for the next update.


Really nice work on the grid-test script. I came here looking to dynamically figure out how to get the size of a connected grid and was not disappointed. :slight_smile:


Did grid rotation ever make it into the norns settings? I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Rotation and grid global LED intensity adjustment are featured in this grid settings mod:

There is also information on about how to install and use Norns mods, within docs / community scripts + mods: