Grid sketch paper template

i find myself drawing crude grids on paper quite often, while sketching ideas for new applications or interactions.

so i just made a pdf with a vector graphic of the grid at the top. think of it as a ridiculously-specialized stationary-- ie, having a little moleskine with this as the paper. lots of space below for notes, so i can attempt to decipher the ideas later…

grid-sketch.pdf (60.1 KB)


I do this too. Great for thinking up layouts. Is this 1:1 when you print it?

no-- 1:1 takes up a whole sheet. i needed more space for notes and diagrams. i can upload a 1:1 if anyone wants it?


Well, what I’d like is a grid 64 1:1 template !


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here’s mine. it might not be exact, but its close enough for me.
presumably the grids are dimensioned in fractions of an inch?

64grid.pdf (5.2 KB)


damn it! downloaded and realized it didn’t come pre-sketched with new ideas from @tehn :frowning:


Thank you very much!
Simple things like this one can be so useful.

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Does anyone have a template image that I can print out, cut out the squares, to have little labels next to each button on my grid? In particular I was thinking of a piano grid for Earthsea, or something like that, but I’m sure this could be useful for all the different apps that could be running.

EDIT: @tehn Sounds like I just need a 1:1 upload :slight_smile:

posting here first…I believe I read on some tread that there is a downloadable image file of q blank grid which can be used to annotate what all the buttons and rows do for the different pages and configurations of KRIA (like the grey files with annotations on the monome ansible page…I was hoping someone might know where to find this file. although the documentation of the new Kria features in 2.0 are detailed, as a visual person I always forget and get confused between what each of the new glyphs do on the time and config pages…So, i thought it would be useful to be able to print out a blank template and annotate it and keep it by my grid…thanks

grid-sketch.pdf (60.1 KB)

@gnome666, is this what you are looking for? Can’t remember where I found it, but I have used it for grid layouts in the past.

Yes!!! Thank you! :metal:t2:

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If anyone needs an .ai file I should have that for both 128s and 64s

i’ll bite. i’ve never messed with vector graphics before, but maybe this is a good chance to learn. I’d love to make an annotated “glyph” cheat sheet to share that loos half decent :slight_smile:

sorry that it took some time to provide this(was away on vacation).

Here you go: (1.6 MB) (1.6 MB)


thanks! :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Hey folks! I’m trying to prototype some interfaces for a few ideas I have with my grids, and I’d like to make something similar to this:

Are there vector drawings of grids lying around that people are using to make these? Or are people copying and pasting from Tyler’s gridStation? (GridStation | Draw grids with text.)

i guess a lot of people make them from scratch using their favorite vector editor (be it adobe illustrator, infinity designer, inkscape…).

it’s not particularly long to redo the grid template (using a picture as a reference) as compared to filling all the info about the button layouts in those kind of software.

the pen & paper approach discussed in the rest of the thread is such a great way to prototype!

You can find those exact ai files here:

I asked brian some time ago if it was ok to use them as a template for documenting norns scripts and he said it was fine to do so. I assume the same applies to anyone else. I used those for the documentation of mlre.

as @eigen already mentioned, the pen and paper approach is really great for prototyping. I use one of the grid templates posted above on my iPad for sketching ideas.

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Oh 100%. Writing it all down is absolutely my jam, but it also helps to see it through the lens of a manual. That being said, my drug of choice will always be the whiteboard. :slight_smile: