Grid-studies repo merge

this is more a question of digital hygiene perhaps.

it’s slightly unmanageable to have 7 repositories for the grid studies, which then get (currently) manually copied into the monome/docs repo and pushed live. of course i could do sub-repos, but i’m wondering if it’d be better to just have any future contributions to the grid studies be made directly at the monome/docs repo.

if so, shall i delete the individual studies repos as they’ll surely go out of date?

opinions please, from those who care about these sorts of things.

totally makes sense. markdown->html conversion and deployment could be also automated so you don’t have to do that every time a change is made.

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Is it worth moving all the files, but leaving the individual repos with a README.MD indicating the change? It feels like the best alternative to being able to make a 301, as it were.