Grid Studies study group

starting from scratch again. my eyes are bigger than … my brain?

the goal being to get stuff going in max4live…despite only max6 as most recent license and an old mono 64 grid

is there a version or maybe a set of concepts or warnings that would help the grid studies tutorial to work on a 64 monobright?

i think i need to start even before grid studies. probably just max tutorials.

here we go…again…


ok, learned a few things. slooooooow going

i still haven’t done the grid study as i’m doing the m4l tutorials as a starting point. rather than trying to do all of them (as i have been) i am thinking of kinda considering trying to cherry pick the most useful. they are sooo dry. my brain shuts down. just trying to keep at it. not sure of best approach.

ok two questions:
does anyone know why poly~ object doesn’t have an output jack connection in m4l?

does anybody have experience in getting serialosc monome connection patch to “populate” within m4l?

there’s a tutorial called “Polyphony” in the reference that should explain the poly~ object in full. you basically need to add outlets in order for them to show up.

the problem you’re having is that you’re looking at another monome app and it’s just a blank box right ? you must be missing the dependency for some reason

go to File > Show Package Manager. in the package manager you’ll see the monome package - install that. at this point if you restart max it may show up, if not just type bpatcher serialosc, and you’ll get a working object, which you can switch out with the blank box.

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Hi guys,

I’m trying to built a basic mlr sampler for my monome 64 based on the grid studies. Yes I’m a starter so please be kind : )
I m missing a very crucial step in the building process: the connection between the messages to the groove or karma object, that define where the sample has to begin and the counter of the step sequencer.
Can anyone help me out ? Attached you can find the patch. THanks danku Merci Graziii

<a class=“attachment” playhead.maxpat (34.0 KB)


I will help ! I’ve done something similar already, will talk soon

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awesome, Thanks Andrew

I might help as well if need. I never spent time with karma~ and I don’t want to burn in hell.


All help is welcome. I m scratching my head already for a while on this : )

@RenMegane, how did this end up for you? i find myself seeking an mlr study for 64 grayscale and this thread came up. i really want to crack open a study for 64 grid if they are out there!!

this might be of use - there was an mlr tutorial years ago. you’ll want to adapt it for modern max and serial osc, but this helps get a feel for how mlr is structured:


so after i think 7th attempt over three different times i got to the end of grid studies. i was trying to adapt the current listed tutorial on monome website to a gs64 (monobright). semi miraculously i got through and i am grateful. i did not however get everything functional. there’s no dim lvl so there was oddness with row 7 which i could never understand the function of and i couldn’t figure out if there should have been multi key presses to set loop length or if that was just mentioned as a future challenge/idea. i suppose i can leave it at that. the old one won’t translate, but i do wonder what if anything i was doing wrong or what should have been going on.

don’t be like me folks!


coming back to monome / max programming after a break but i’m struggling to get any of my old stuff working. could someone tell me which is the current serialosc.maxpat we should be using and nay current dev best practices?

I tried to get rid of everything except the one in the BEAP folders (max serach path is set to this folder) and open grid studies but serialosc.maxpat is blank even if i try to reconnect



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don’t see a problem with switching it out w/ whatever you’ve got ?

do any patches load correctly? ie those that are in the monome max package?

actually good point. the grid studies stuff works fine, i can start from their. thanks @tehn @andrew

Reviving this thread for 2020. Give a like if you’re still lurking.
I’m jumping into grid studies again for comprehension. I have two 64s and an arc 2. I’m not sure yet if I’m doing this to develop a new large m4l app, or if I just need to understand enough to convert existing apps into a configuration that works together.

Going off on a tangent here:

I like to use re:mix and dj64fx via external app in pages. If there was a proper serialosc version of dj64fx, then I wouldn’t need pages and I could just use autofocus to get between the two apps (right?). But I like the pattern records and not having to touch my laptop to switch apps.

Well I really want the front end of my audio chain to be grainstorm. I’m trying to figure out the best way to accomplish this. If I get a dirty m4l port of grainstorm working in ableton, how could I get it working as an external app in pages? This may be impossible.

I want grainstorm always up on the arc and one monome and remix and dj64fx running on the other monome.

P.S. - I only have 2 USB ports on my mac. I feel like a dummy for not realizing I needed a dongle before my devices arrived. I have 3 ports on my windows laptop, but haven’t had much luck with windows and monome


I’m on the grid studies again. Like most things which defeat me I get to one concept which I don’t understand and it totally stops me in my tracks. I can’t seem to be able to just let it be and accept that I’ll understand that bit later, like a house of cards my understanding just crumbles because of this one small thing.
I’m on grid study 2.4 and the “inc” thing is really confusing me, I’ve tried searching and made many message boxes to try and understand it. I get that $3 $1 $2 rearranges and that route now only sends when key is down, looking at a message box also tells me that this route takes that first “1” away and gives only 2 numbers, so, how is “inc” interacting with the matrix? I get that it’s meant to be a toggle but I’m confused because when I clear all led’s using “/monome/grid/led/all 0” it clears the grid but not the matrix and then using the grid turns the matrix off with one press (no grid light) and then back on with the second (usual behaviour) i.e not a toggle at this stage? “dec” does the same as “inc” so they’re acting as toggles for the matrixcntrl rather than actually incrementing/ decrementing?
When I’ve used ‘broken’ max patches in the past with lit matrixes and unlit grid the behaviour seems more clearly to be a toggle, ie, the grid from that point on will consistently show the opposite of whatever the state on the matrix is.

I apologise for these very basic and probably dumb questions, I wish I didn’t have to ask but I keep getting put off…

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I created an annotated version of this patch, hope it helps!

There’s just one mistake, the first comment should say “keys pressed on row 0”


Hey all, forgive me if I’m totally missing a giant billboard pointing me in the right direction but is there some sort of reference for messages to send that I can send the Grid over OSC?

I’ve gone over the Grid Studies: Max document a couple times now and it feels like I’m missing something… Within the grid-howto patch there is a reference to which at this point is a dead link and there isn’t much else on the Grid+Computer page that I can see. I know the community has mostly moved on to developing for Norns but there must be something like what I imagine.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks

hope all’s well :slight_smile:

woop, apologies – and thank you for the heads up! i’ve added a redirect, which points to: osc | monome/docs

hope this helps!
please let us know where we can fill in gaps – you’re right that most of the community energy has moved to norns, but Max is still a vibrant and rich playground for grid + computer play :gem: