Grid Test

Grid Test

A utility script for testing grids





--  Press any grid key to light up that key.

--  Screen will show `x,y,z` coordinates for each grid key press. `z` is 1 for key-down, 0 for key-up.
--  Select grid device port or set grid rotation from parameters screen

--  Controls
--  K2 : 2 second press + release = all leds on
--  K2 : Short press + release = all leds off - or cancel pattern
--  K3 : Fire Test Pattern
--  E3 : Select Test Pattern
--     Fade - brightness fade up from left to right
--     Chase - all leds on level 1, bright led travels across each row in order
--     Diagonal - diagonal pattern from top left to bottom right, fading over 6 steps
--     Random - random pattern - 10 times




Put dis baby in the community repo!

EDIT: Spoke too soon ;p? Seeing curious behavior with the “Rotation” setting. I can’t characterize it fully yet, but “Rotation 0” in settings displays “Rotation = 90” in the script’s display. The on-screen grid animates e.g. the diagonal pattern like ‘:arrow_lower_right:’, but on the connected grid it animates it as ‘:arrow_upper_right:’ - but only on the left half of the 128!

EDIT: Ah, and “Rotation 270” in settings displays “Rotation = 0” in the script’s display and works exactly as expected…

I think I forgot that the on screen rotation does not work.

Gotta figure out how to rotate the pixel array. :grimacing:

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Updated for correct on-screen rotation position.

EDIT - Looks like I need to figure out updating grid_w and grid_h when orientation rotates on 16x8 or 8x16