Grid USB Accessories Disabled

Hello i have monome 256 2012 and i got this messsage.

IMG_1087.HEIC (1.9 MB)

and I can’t use my grid at all…

I’ve tried with 2 usb cables but doesn’t work…

Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

Thank you so much.

any USB hubs or anything else plugged into your computer?

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not this time.
i was using it with USB hub but i never had this issue.

This happens with or without USB hubs…

it seems there’s a short circuit in the power lines. likely a broken USB jack.


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Thank you.
I will email to you now.:slight_smile:
how long does it take to fix?

Just sent you Email.
Thank you so much.

closing the loop here – if anybody else sees this message, please try a different USB cable first. if that doesn’t help, it is likely that the USB jack is broken.

email to coordinate a repair.

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Thank you.
I just remember that
It happened me 2 years ago.
I’m willing to ship to fix ASAP.
I have a gig coming up middle of next month.
Hopefully this will not happen again.

I’m sorry for opening up same thing here.

I have same issue and I sent you an email .:cry:
Please check it out.

Thank you so much.


replied via email — we’ll get it figured out!

Thank you for your help tehn :smile: