gridkeys mod (now w/ q7 layout, crow & jf outs)

Oh, gridstep style keyboard would be great! I was actually just going to request an earthsea style scale mode or even a highlight on just the C’s in a chromatic scale.

This mod is great, I’m one of those weirdos who owns a grid, and some cv sequencers but no midi keys so I was missing out on some really great synths. I’ve also been too lazy/ don’t know where to start with adding grid support to those scripts. Thank you!


Unfortunately I don’t see any traces of gridkeys at all. I don’t see an entry


If I start sines and configure the virtual midi device also no sign of gridkeys. There is also no midi output in case no script is loaded (as I understand out mode should then be activated).

I have a Fates and system version is 210706 (is there perhaps an update I missed?). So currently I am clueless of how to activate and use gridkeys. Any hint on what I have missed or doing wrong much appreciated.

Otherwise: Great idea and what I was hoping for!

you need to activate the mod first.

i guess it’s not yet documented on the main monome documentation site.

take a look at this §: GitHub - monome/norns-example-mod: example mod for matron


It took me longer than I care to admit last night to figure out that E3 enables the mod (instead of the expected K3).

thanks for this mod!


Ok, this is new information. Thanks.

But: I don’t see an entry SYSTEM > MODS.

I double checked that I have it installed (assuming that the entry appear if you have at least installed one mod):

install failed: project gridkeys already exists in /home/we/dust/code

My SYSTEM menu contains: devices, wifi, restart, reset, update… and that’s it.

apologies for the docs lag! in the middle of revamping studies – will switch focus next week!
prelim mod usability docs have been made!

this is it – mods were introduced with norns: update 210927 (Sept 27 2021). any previous software versions will not know how to make use of installed mods.

@eigen , until we get docs up, would you want to add update 210927 to the list of requirements in the top post?


20 chars of done-di-doo

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Yes, thanks @dan_derks! I did an update a week ago and thought I am done but I wasn’t. Just checked for 210706 and it is currently running…

EDIT: Done and working. Thanks again to all of you!

Hi - not sure if this should go here or into the Fall @ambalek script. Installed the mod after installing Fall, but there was an update to Fall to access the grid, however I am now running into an issue with making gridkeys active within Fall, then able to to access a midi device (Plinkysynth in this case). But in that scenario the grid no longer functions for Fall and then going back to deactivate gridkeys doesn’t release it back to the Fall script. Nothing shows up in Maiden as an error, just a standard:
mod - gridkeys - TOGGLE_GRID_KEY = true
mod - gridkeys - TOGGLE_GRID_KEY = false

I can turn it on and off in Icarus and it will function in both sending note information to Icarus and lights on grid work.

Have you tried disabling gridkeys in the mod section of the system menu and restarting?

this sounds like a bug.
i’ll try to reproduce.

EDIT: i cannot reproduce. make sure to use the latest version as it sounds like a bug that could happen before this release.

new big release w/ support for scrollable grid layouts from gridstep.
(kuddos to @Quixotic7 for the original code)

basic mode is still default, go to the params menu to switch to q7 mode.


disabling is fine but it was really only in Fall’s it was happening. Will make sure I have the latest mod as suggested by eigen

Ah ha - two new lua are now in there, Q7GridKeys.lua and grid_utils.lua, so guessing that was the missing ingredients. Been getting odd ‘non-updates’, trying to clear the network lease on IP to see if there are others that aren’t getting proper updates, lease had been set to expire never on my end. Thanks @eigen

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After I reboot with this mod enabled, I need to select ‘virtual’ in Devices>MIDI right?
I don’t get that option.

Did you actually activate it? Using E3 in SYSTEM>MODS ? Then restart?
Just asking because I thought I was activating it with K3 but you need to use E3/

Cheers, yeah I did, that had bit me before, but I’m seeing the new MOD - GRIDKEYS submenu inside of mx.samples’ settings, so I’m pretty sure it is loaded.

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that’s weird, this midi device should be selectable no matter what (even without gridkeys).

maybe silly to spell this out, but just to be sure:

SYSTEM > DEVICES > MIDI takes you to a page of 16 of what we call vports which are like slots for devices; each can be assigned to one MIDI device and all assignments are empty by default. selecting a slot with K3 brings up the list of actual MIDI devices which should include virtual.


awesome that was what I needed to know. Still can’t get it to produce sound in mx.synths but that may be something for another thread.

i’ve just added crow and just friends support.

needs some testing as i don’t have any of those devices.