awesome! will test it out today!

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New version uploaded. v1.3 remembers which keys you pressed, though memories fade.



Confirmed working with a 64 monobright grid too :blue_heart:

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This is lovely and simple, thankyou.

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As suggested by @zebra, version 1.5 of gridofpoints now checks to see if a grid is connected and displays an error message if not (rather than crashing).

As a side effect, it should also now support hot-swapping of different-sized grids without needing to restart the script, in case that’s a thing you ever want to do.

Update to this new version through Maiden at http://norns.local. If you installed the script through the project manager (recommended) then find gridofpoints in the list and hit the “update” button. Easy. If you installed it manually (with the ;install command), then delete your gridofpoints folder and reinstall through the project manager.

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Unfortunately gridofpoints doesn’t seem to work with midigrid.

I added the following line as documented on the midigrid page, to no avail:

if the script uses g = grid.connect then add a line above that with :

local grid = util.file_exists(_path.code.."midigrid") and include "midigrid/lib/mg_128" or grid

Standing by for further updates.

@branch I can look into this. I’m assuming you get no error in Maiden, the Norns screen just tells you there’s no Grid connected?

I haven’t checked maiden but yes, seeing the “no grid” error on-screen. I’ll report back after testing maiden.

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I ran into the same issue and fixed it with the following changes (around line 218):

                rows = g.device.rows
                cols = g.device.cols


                rows = g.rows
                cols = g.cols

Not sure if that way it still works with a normal grid, but with the midigrid it does. g.device with midigrid returns a boolean with the value of true.

Very nice script!


Just tested on my normal grid and it works fine! Thanks so much for sorting this @Demure - I hadn’t got round to looking it properly.

@branch Give the script an update and another try, hopefully it works now :slight_smile:


@radioedit, confirming the fix worked like a charm. Stoked!


I’ve pushed version 1.6 of gridofpoints. This version adds a “magic mode” where random notes and timbres from within your scale are played at an irregular tempo which scales to your Norns bpm. To activate it, press all four corners of the grid at the same time, and then do the same again to deactivate.

It also slightly slows the pace that button presses fade with time, because it’s nice to remember the past for longer.

Update through the Maiden package manager.

Future plans include adding MIDI support (relatively easy), and replacing polyperc with something a bit less default.


I’m trying to spend more time actually using the scripts I make, so here’s gridofpoints’ new magic mode sequencing a polyphonic oscillator processed through a filter and some fx. The timbral axis is mapped to cross FM on the oscillator.


What is the file needed to change @Demure ?

looking at the script, there doesn’t seem to be a need to make any changes. the changes @Demure suggested were added into the script on may 18th of 2022 :slight_smile:

Was MIDI output ever added to this? That would be (even more) wonderful.


Nope but it would be trivial to do. I’ll try to get to it next week!

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Thank you very much!!

I can’t update the top post any more, so patch notes will be down here from now on. Thanks @ioflow for turning the top post into a wiki! <3

Version 1.7 has landed!

This version adds @bharris22’s requested MIDI output. It works just like regular mode, except that moving along the up/down axis of an attached grid no longer changes filter cutoff. Instead it changes the MIDI note length. Near the top you get plucky 0.01-second notes, at the bottom you get sustained 3-second notes. Here’s the full table of note lengths, which you can customise to your heart’s content by editing the same line near the top of gridofpoints.lua.

midilengths = {0.01, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 1, 3}

I’ve tested it on my OP-1 but I don’t have a lot of other MIDI-driven synths, so I’d appreciate hearing from others on whether it’s working on your devices.

You should be able to update through Maiden.

A request: I’d really like to replace the default polyperc engine here with something more interesting, but I don’t really have a vision for what it should sound like. If you have a feeling about what the voice of gridofpoints should sound like (perhaps bearing in mind its Grouper-referencing origins), and the supercollider skills to execute on it, then I’d love to collaborate with you.


Thank you very much for this! Very excited to try it out.

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