Grids and MIDI

I’m new to Monome. I got one of the new 128 Grids, and only yesterday I managed to install Monome_Sum, and it’s a lot of fun, but I’m having problems getting Grids to interact with any of the MIDI apps. The apps open with the Max Runtime (6.1.9, I haven’t been able to find a version 7), they seem to work ok, except that the Grids does nothing. Do I have to buy Max 7 to get Grids to be recognised by any of the MIDI apps? I’m on an Apple Mac running OS X 10.9.3, if that makes any difference.

Max 7 doesn’t have a ‘runtime’ but you can run it in ‘Trial Mode’ (functionally the same as Runtime) for free, indefinitely. Go that route as otherwise you have to worry about downloading a specific max patch and placing it in a particularly folder and then everything looks less pretty anyway.

Thanks! That was it. Grids is now working with the MIDI apps. Eventually I wouldn’t mind giving Max 7 a proper trial, with such an excellent subscription price, but for now, I have more than enough things to do. So nice to know it’ll keep running patches after the trial has expired.