Grids with Make Noise Shared System power?

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Long time monome owner - got an original walnut 64 which has travelled the world with me, and now thinking of getting a new 128 varibright for use with my eurorack for gigs.

Just wondered if anyone has experience using a grid with a Make Noise Shared System CV Bus case, and can comment on whether the power supply is up to the task without using the Switch?



Okay, so I have a definitive answer to this now…

I have tested the grid and White Whale with my Shared System case - it’s the current CV bus version.

There are no usage problems with the grid and module, but there is the issue with high pitched whine which increases as the LED brightness increases. This is present at the system output regardless of whether WW is patched into anything else or not.

I’ve also tried them in a Doepfer case with the new PSU3 power supply and have exactly the same issue.

My conclusion is that I will need to use the switch, which is a shame - but I am pleased that an inexpensive solution is available.

[PS - This isn’t in any way a ‘complaint’ about monome, make noise or anyone else. I’m just posting so that others can hopefully find this useful in future.]

Ooooh slightly OT but are you a shared system owner? I’ve always envied them.

Yes I’ve got a Shared System - great set of modules. I use the case for playing live with lots of non-MN modules in it. The more I play and rehearse the more I want a small, tight system and I think just having the SS box with a monome grid in front of it would be great for what I’m doing.

Just wondering whether it’s a good idea to get the switch to go with it - especially as I’ll probably have to order the modules I want from the US. :confused:

if you hope to order the trilogy, I think you are sadly out of luck currently, as they seem to be sold out. except earthsea…

in eu, escapefromnoise seems to have the switch though…

Thanks for the reply. Some US retailers seem to have the other modules in stock. Bit of a pain ordering from there, but hopefully the import duty won’t be too obscene. :neutral_face:

Yes; can’t help you with the PSU question; but currently eyeing a SS on eBay in the UK…

According to the spec sheet at Schneiders, it spits out 250ma of 5V, which is definitely not enough to power a grid without a Switch.

So if that’s right… you’re probably going to need more 5V juice.

Assuming they’re similar to the MN skiff power supplies, I know people have confirmed they work with the add-on 5v kit, which brings the skiff psu up to 1.5A of 5v. if you’re sitting at 250mA, you should definitely upgrade or add a switch.

Okay, thanks. For 50euro I think I’ll get the switch and just suck it up. One more thing to take to gigs and costs me 4HP but better that than blowing something up. :smile:

What annoys me more is the extra power adapter needed for the switch…which makes me wonder if I can get the power directly from the case (before the bus board) and eliminate the extra adapter - without messing up anything

@derz instantly possible with row power

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the manual for the 6u bus board (which is used in the 7u shared system case, or at least seems to be in mine) says it supplies 1A at +5V. perhaps it was older versions of the board that only supplied 250mA?

could be that Schneiders is wrong, too.

Ah, okay. So that would mean it should work okay. Have you ever tried it yourself?

If I don’t get the switch, what’s the worst case scenario? Just that the grid doesn’t work properly, or is there actually a risk of damaging something?

you must confirm your 5v spec. the old make noise power supply burns itself to the ground and takes the modules and grid with it.

Edit - having read tehn’s post that came in as I was writing mine I’m going to remove what I said. I wasn’t aware of the specific issues the old make noise power supply has.

the old supply has no protection. it will seem like it’s working fine, overheat the linear regulator, melt completely, then throw 12v onto the 5v rail.

I lent Tony a ww and grid so he could “see” this happen for himself. ugh

their new supply is certainly fine. just check.

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Ah, thanks for the warning @tehn . So the case I have is the new Shared System w CV bus linked in the post above by @kedromelon - which provides 1A on the 5v rail. I bought it new last October - so would you say it’s safe to assume this system will be free of the (frankly terrifying) issue you describe?

you’re good! no switch needed. though I don’t know how the power supply’s grounding layout, so there might be a noise issue, but you’re likely all set

Great, thanks. If the grids cause noise I can always get the switch later - as long as I’m not going to fry anything! Thanks @tehn

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