Hi! I would like to introduce a project I am working on: Grovity is an open source, web based sequencer for rhythmic compositions with a focus on micro-rhythms (you can drag each pulse to create time offsets). I can output webaudio and MIDI and websocket signals. I use this latter to hit solenoids motors on various physical material. It allows to to compose polyrhythms and generated euclidean rhythmic patterns quite easily.

It is a work in progress, but I would be happy to know what you think about it, and to answer to possible questions.


This is really really cool! Quick question, are you using a dadamachines Automat to power the solenoids, or something more akin to the DIY versions that are shared by groups like Adafruit?

This is a really cool device and I’m looking forward to playing with it!

Wow, thanks for sharing this. I would be very interested in seeing it in action with solenoids!

Thanks for your feedbacks.

@kasselvania The solenoids receive a signal from a raspberry pi. The app itself runs on the pi, a bit heavy but works.
@static A video of an older version of Grovity + solenoids


Is it Your own program and construction? Or a DIY project you could potentially link me to?

This is beautiful and super easy to use!

Unfortunately I’m getting a lot of noise after a while. I’ve run it on Firefox 78.8.0esr (64-bit), on Windows 10 on a relatively new ThinkPad, as well as Chrome 88.0.4324.190 (Official Build) (64-bit) . Noise appears after a few minutes of use, especially as soon as a second track is added, using the on-board sound and no MIDI connections. On Chrome the noise escalated to the point that it stopped producing sound at all. Firefox persevered a bit longer, but the noise overpowers every other sound element. There are also some intermittent value changes when trying to change parameters like NOTE or SWING.

Not sure if bug reporting is helpful at this stage. :thinking:

In any case, congratulations on what looks like a really really cool and very straightforward sequencer!

@kasselvania This is my own program, it is still an evolving work in progress.
@ParanormalPatroler Thank you for the repport. The noise appears because you might use the webaudio mode. It has serious performance issues (tone.js) that I can’t solve at the moment. I suggest you try the MIDI mode instead, by enabling the piano-like icon, and running any MIDI synth app through Port-0.


Sounds good! Hoping to hear something about the project as it progresses!

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