Guitar Heroes


My main guitar influences would be
David Bryant: Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Hiss Tapes and Set Fire To Flames - He was the first person making drones that I heard and both his guitar and tape manipulations have been very influential in what I do

Alan Sparhawk: Low, Retribution Gospel Choir - Both in their slow core days, and their louder later days, Low’s minimalism been an inspiration. If I try to include a fuzzed out solo on a track, I’m probably trying to copy Alan.

Dylan Carlson: Earth - Those slow ponderous doom riffs with an Americana twinge. If I make a riff, I need to spend a few days working out if I nicked it from Earth (or Godspeed)

Those are my main 3 influences I guess


I’m with you on so much of this, but then…the newest Ben Frost album is so good


I don’t think I’ve seen Jamie Stillway yet in this thread. She’s pretty special:


this is great, had not heard her music before.


Please don’t underestimate Starless and Bible Black.



I love the old stuff willits released on 12k
The folding and the tea. All cut up buffer max/msp stuff. The newer releases don’t have the mystery to me that the old ones did.


Certainly Edge, Fripp, and Belew.

…but also Taku Sugimoto:


I’ve been searching for a way to get the clipping sound on modern processors that was once so easy to achieve on the older ones :slight_smile:


have to give a shout out to ben monder, a phenomenal player from nyc.

this solo guitar piece is probably as good an entry point as any into his music. an absolutely brilliant harmonic and technical display.


I definitely agree they were both groundbreaking albums, the music is just not as much to my taste as the later KC stuff :slight_smile: I did recently listen to the remaster of 21st Century Schizoid Man and was totally blown away, especially when I remembered that it was recorded in 1969. Way ahead of its time.



aaah, I love that vid - one of my favorites in high school when I was in my west coast math rock (hella, earlier tera melos, the fall of troy, etc) phase.

also +1 for FSA:


best guitarist in NYC IMO


this is amazing!!!


I’ve been digging Juney lately. Found him through someone who sampled him for a backing track. Really chill lo-fi vibes that can inspire cool synth sounds. on Instagram, less active at


Steve Tibbetts


I love Steve Tibbetts!


Speaking of guitars, are there any Oud players or lovers in here?

I have a lovely Godin MultiOud Encore, which I am slowly starting to learn how to play… I’ve been a guitar player for decades, and also play fretless bass, but this is another thing entirely…

To be honest, my deepening engagement with eurorack has mostly sidelined the Oud for the moment, but I want to get back to it soon…

If I live long enough to retire, I’m definitely going to have plenty to do!


love the Oud. Munir Bashir is my favorite player. Mesopotamia is a stunning 2CD solo set, and this is a jaw-dropping group album with some of the deepest percussion I’ve ever heard.

woah he recently uploaded it


John Reis, guitar hero? Oh yes.