Guitar Heroes


I didn’t see anybody mention him in here yet, but Ignatz is such a treat. It has such an experimental spirit while staying somewhat grounded in blues. Definitely a guitar hero in my eyes.


i think that’s the show we played with him! nice.


no mention yet of my dad’s guitar hero, manitas de plata


My guitar hero is Arto Lindsay.

Also my guitar hero is Fred Frith, but @puggo already done mentioned him upthread. And also others who are my guitar hero have been mentioned upthread.

But my guitar hero is also Cat Power. When I wrote it, I felt a worry quick that maybe Cat Power is not cool. But Cat Power is cool.

Lizzy Mercier Descloux is also my guitar hero.

And Noël Akchoté.
And Karen Dalton.

And Nisennenmondai. And Boredoms. They are bands but they are my guitar hero too.


Arto is beautifully insane! His untuned or detuned guitar is as wild as any synth…

And Frith, there are no words…


Sergio & Odair Assad.

Two of my absolute favorite guitarists, ever inspiring in their flawless mastery of technique as well as expression.


wow… what a list. the guitar stuff on the rosa yemen ep… . and i think she had never played a guitar up to that point. then i also think of ikue mori doing some of the best/most emotive drumming on the first dna release, she also had no prior experience, i love examples like this when the most authentic expression just comes because the music absolutely has to exist. (to be fair, dna played together every day for about 6-7 months before committing to record… the spontaneity still did come from a lot of hard work. it’s just that nothing was preconceived.) karen dalton – amazing in every way, i do notice her voice a bit more but definitely yes on the guitar too. on the folk side, this is really more of a voice thing but i don’t think anyone has had a better voice than jackson c. frank, i find it hard to listen to his one album without tears, the lyrics obviously matter too. but i bring up the voice stuff because it all boils down to what i respond to with guitar, the sincerity, the absolute existential rootedness of the style and technique, the fact that they’re telling a story that must absolutely in any way be told.

still for me slightly above all these is robbie basho, john fahey described him as a “warrior from a lost tribe” because what he was doing was so unplaceable, and it kind of remains that way. All I know is I listen to him then listen to anyone else and the “anyone else” immediately sounds contrived by comparison. thankfully the latter effect does wear off, or I couldn’t enjoy “anyone else.” :wink:


Not including more experimental folks, my “guitar heroes” are:
Tom Verlaine.
Richard Lloyd.
Greg Sage
Carrie Brownstein (continually wowed by her “lead-as-rhythm” work)
Shannon Wright.
Bill Frisell.
Juliana Hatfield (listen closely, so underrated).
Kristin Hersh (same)
Robert Smith (same)
Pete Townsend.

I don’t tend to respond to technique and never to virtuosity - inventiveness, musicality, imagination matter much more to me (granted, technique makes those easier for a given artist to realize).


was so brilliant with “Fish” (indeed written by her) then what happened? I related so much to this, then not at all to any of the subsequent work. one of the cruel mysteries of childhood. beyond that i totally lost track, so i don’t know her solo stuff.

to be honest this entire compilation, including videos was for me a form of scripture:

i felt at one time you could find every thought, every emotion, every musical thing worth doing somewhere in it. maybe that’s still the case.





Reine Fiske plays with the psychedelic Swedish bands Dungen and The Amazing amongst others. He’s my guitar hero.


Thanks. That was super. I’m gonna dig into their catalog.


Zsofia boros