Guitar Heroes


Fredrik Thordendal, Tosin Abasi, Misha Mansoor …


Daniel Bachman

Gareth Dickson


never heard of him before, thanks for mentioning him, great music!


Bern Nix blew my mind when I was in my teens and heard him for the first time, on Ornette Coleman’s Body Meta. He’s the seated one in this Prime Time concert:

Here he is in a solo improvisation:


Hm. Tough to narrow it down to songs as I’m more fixated on sort of the complete picture, but here would be some I dig. It was also a matter of some of this stuff hitting me at just the right time in life.

Grubbs in particular was super meaningful. We both were punk kids trapped at the same private school in different times. Hearing stories of Squirrel Bait playing talent shows a decade before I was playing weird rock music at talent shows meant a lot. His later bands like Gastr del Sol were a gateway to so much along with the labels he and O’Rourke curated for Drag City as I approached graduation.

Bonus suggestions. Jeff and Jason from Rodan/Shipping News/June of 44:

Being a punk rock kid growing up in Louisville surrounded by brilliance shaped who I am. I’ll stop making suggestions of good Louisville guitar punk because it’s endless :slight_smile:


Chris Forsyth & Koen Holtkamp


Andreas Kapsalis:

Nels Cline and Bill Frisell:

and I can’t forget Anthony Mazzella:


you really can’t go wrong with either album!


I’m more into bass than guitar but there are a few guitar players I enjoy a lot.

Robert Fripp. I quite like Adrian Belew too.

Alex Lifeson. Love his mix of rhythm and lead work.

Andy Hawkins - Blind Idiot God - check them out if you don’t know them - really good!

John McLaughlin. His electric stuff is cool but it’s the acoustic work - particularly with Shakti - that’s my favourite.


Where do I even begin? Here’s a good start.


THE greatest hands down no question imho

was gonna post this anyway as my fav solo but its a stellar example of kaye on bass also


Here are a few of the guitarists that I’ve always looked up to and have influenced my own music:

(video heavy post)

Glenn Branca:

Lee Renaldo and Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth):

Greg Sage (The Wipers):

Bob Mould (Husker Du):

Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick):

This could go on forever :slight_smile:


Several of my heroes already here (Thurston Moore, Alex de Grassi, and others). Here is another - Steve Howe:


You come across Finn LeMarinel? Another talented Scottish tapper.


Bola Sete is amazing. This record on John Fahey’s label is epic and beautiful.

Great Australian guitarist Steve Magnusson. Lovely use of space and dynamics:

Lastly, I wouldn’t normally share this but I’m feeling generous. My favourite guitar piece to hear and to play:

Edit: One more! Lifetones made just one great record in '83 after This Heat split up. Guitar work is impeccable, but even moreso is the way the rhythms & melodies intertwine, especially considering it was made in the studio by only 2 people on tape.


I’ve been exploring

Someone I’ve admired for a while now:

and this is an old favorite:

but then there’s also

and then


you all know bill frisell


Couldn’t decide one player to write about. Then I remembered someone really important!

Alan Weekes - go and see him play at the Effra Tavern in Brixton on Thursday if you’re ever in London or at the Haggerston on Sunday nights (no idea if either of those gigs are still running, out of town for 2 years now).

Oh man just watching that I could almost move back to London & pay 200 quid a week for a crappy box room sharing a kitchen with 15 people just for the privilege of catching the Effra band on any given Thursday…


Mike Eber (Smother Party, Zevious)


holy shit, curtis mayfield