Guitar Heroes


My dad’s deadhead thing rubbed off:

More “recent discovery” than “hero,” and the main attraction is definitely the vocals, but Julien Baker’s guitar playing just blows me away:


I haven’t, no. I’ll have a look out. Cheers.


I’m a huge fan of the angular interplay between the guitarists in Palm. Here’s a cool live session they did.

Noticed mention of a few american primitive guitarists in this thread. In that vein, this record by Jack Rose is one of my favorites.


Marc Ribot


It’s interesting that you put Lifetones in a guitar thread. I adore This Heat/Camberwell Now/Lifetones/Flaming Tunes but I don’t think of them as guitar bands. I’ve always wanted to cover “Good Side” though :slight_smile: Anyway, not trying to be disagreeable, just think it’s interesting to think of how people perceive bands differently or draw meaning out of different elements of a band.


[quote=“sellanraa, post:45, topic:6465”]
I’ve always wanted to cover “Good Side” though
[/quote]please do it






I could go for days, but I’ll stop here.


some of my beloved ones:
loren m. connors
tetuzi akiyama
john fahey
nick drake
wes montgomery
gábor szábo
paco de lucía
terje rypdal
tony iommi
kim thayil
fred frith
keith rowe
steve howe
scott cortez


Too bad there aren’t better sounding versions of these performances … love them anyway !


almost forgot those .


Hardly unknown, but Johhny Marr is a huge influence. An evening spent listening to the Smiths while focusing on his melody/mastery is time well spent.


My current guitar crush.


not wanting to derail the thread… but is anyone else feeling the gender predominance in this growing list?
i put Marnie Stern and Annie Clark earlier in the list, now i’m going to also throw in
Laura Marling
Gemma Thompson (Savages)
P J Harvey
Wata (Boris)

Sarah Lipstate (Novellor)

…and if we’re counting bass then of course
Kim Gordon
Kim Deal
Tina Weymouth


Good call.


Boris live rules :slight_smile:

I’ll toss Annette Krebs into the mix for stellar guitarists who aren’t male.


Got to see noveller open for iggy pop last year. It was an incredible performance

Only names I could possibly add are
Mick Ronson
Jack White


this is great! She is amazing!