Guitar Heroes


Thanks for diving into that. I appreciate hearing the perspective :slight_smile:


You all have covered most of my favourites already. Has anyone mentioned Danny Gatton yet?


Mary Halvorson!!!


Zappa is also one of my favorites and this track in particular.


Woah Palm is great! Not a huge fan of some of the vocals (that vocal-doubling fx processor everyone’s been using the last 2 years really grates my ears), but guitar work is spectacular! also the way the whole band locks in is really cool, across a number of styles too


Glad you liked 'em! I enjoyed the Lifetones track you posted a lot (had listened to some This Heat stuff in the past but this is more of my jam). A lot of cool bands right now carrying on that sorta weird/angular style–I think that band Women brought up a bit of resurgence.

Definitely checkout Warehouse from Atlanta. I’ve been trying to figure out something to link to as an entry point, but every song on their past two records is so good, start anywhere!

Also have to say, I definitely abuse the chorusy/slap-back thing (aka setting 5 on the digitech digidelay) in the band I play guitar in, heh


David Torn


Holy shit, how did anyone forget Tom Verlaine?

The things that happen about 8:40 in to “Marquee Moon” are some of the most beautiful things ever recorded.


Steve Tibbetts

Without a doubt his arrangements are a big part of the attraction. How he places his acoustic and electric guitars in the places that are his music are pretty remarkably his own.


…and for some reason, Television makes me think of

Alex Chilton and Chris Bell of Big Star

and the Davies brothers of The Kinks

I know none of these four get talked about that much as guitar wizards, but there’s something so perfect about the things they brought to their records as guitarists and of course as songwriters.


Robert Quine!

I missed this.

Jack Rose was wonderful. I thought of him when I first saw this thread on my phone, but forgot to mention.

Thanks for linking to Bandcamp. His records aren’t always easy to find and I’m glad to see his music there.


Thanks for bringing this (tommy brenneck) to us. I hadn’t heard before. Lovely player. Like modern Cropper.




The Force is strong in this family.


Gary Lucas / Jeff Buckley



“Keyboards? Percussion? Fuck that!”


His Magnificence Warren Ellis.


(Told you I could do this for days.)


highly recommended the mallet series from ex-eastern island head