Guitar Heroes


I had the pleasure of meeting John Renbourn a few years ago. Wonderful to watch him play. RIP John.


Gary Lucas!

I mentioned other Beefheart alumni earlier. Basically, anyone who played with Beefheart is a guitar killer.

In the Great Beefheart Zappa Duality in the Sky, I’m a Beefheart man all the way.

Also, Swans!

I only saw them once; about 1987ish or so. Holy mother.


[quote=“sellanraa, post:6, topic:6465”]
Alex Lifeson (Rush)[/quote]so much good in this thread i missed this earlier

that track is a happy part of my childhood (counterparts cd was gift from my brothers boss)

two that have had a HUGE influence on me were ones i found in my moms collection:
john scofield

south pacific & deadzy are my fav for the guitar technique

dori caymmi accompanying gal e caetano

been meaning to cover this for years and just slacked

@lloydcole you may dig john abercrombie too then (if you’re not already a fan)
he stands out to me as a supremely gifted and sensitive player…i love his unpretentious use of wah (a demonstration of true artistry rather than just a fad/gimick)

(especially the first track “pretty music”)


thanks for sharing this!!


Thanks everyone for sharing such a wealth of knowledge - this thread has really pricked up my ears & I’ve been having a blast discovering so many new (to me) players. Finally got down to brass tacks & attempted a transcription of one of the El Michels affair tracks @glia posted. Tommy Brenneck is a tasty player - lots there I would like to learn from…

There’s been quite a few tracks that made me think of new things to try with the loop pedal, this being one of them! Apologies it’s very rough, just tapped the parts by hand into boomerang looper as quickly as I could learn them, memorised, wiped, played back in, then triggered the loops into a DAW.

I kind of want to kick off the study group aspect of this thread as well as the listening aspect. If others are also up for transcribing & posting their efforts I think it can provide a good focus for those of us trying to really dissect & evolve our playing…


Jeff Buckley… Live at Siné


I wholeheartedly agree about both Noveller/Sarah Lipstate and Warren Ellis (who’s a violin player first but does great things with tenor guitars too).

I only discovered Noveller recently and have no idea how I missed her stuff before…

Also, he was briefly mentioned before but Johnny Marr wrote some really wonderful stuff (notably with The Smiths, even though Morrissey is still an insufferable moron).


that is a fantastic sketch

i’m no guitar player so it’s amazing that you could pull that off by ear


I do dig Dustin Wong’s stuff, as well as his old guitar duo, Ecstatic Sunshine:


I was unaware of that

thanks @pilun


Günter Schickert:

Violeta Parra:

Lydia Mendoza:

Fennesz (though admittedly not the most interesting guitarist to watch):

D. Boon of the Minutemen:

Harry Partch’s pieces for adapted guitar:

Aaron Russel:


So much to discover in this thread!! Thanks everyone


Fatou Seidi Ghali:

Mdou Moctar:

Doueh (leader of Group Doueh):


A mixture of guitarists and bands:
Richard Lloyd & Tom Verlaine of Television
Robert Quinne of the Voidoids
Karl Percoda of The Dream Syndicate
John Perry of The Only Ones
Robin Guthrie of the Cocteau Twins
Dif Juz
Shayne Carter and Andrew Brough of Straitjacket Fits & Bike
The Blue Aeroplanes
Wayne Krantz
Chris Brokaw
Andy Partridge
Bert Jansch
Nick Drake
Dave Pajo of Slint
Bob Mould
J Mascis
Kevin Shields of MBV
Vinni Reilly of the Durutti Column
Geoff Farina of Karate
Richard Thompson
John Fahey
…I must stop…there are so many guitarists whose sound I love…


An addition to my previous list.
Ian Mackaye.
I really like the stuff he’s done in The Evens with a baritone guitar.


Richard Bishop in the days of the Sun City Girls:


doueh is tops of the ones you shared
I love his playing

two other Saharan groups with really great guitarists:


and her husband Jeiche Ould Chighaly (they have a free concert in my town next week!)

[quote=“oscillateur, post:109, topic:6465”]
I only discovered Noveller recently and have no idea how I missed her stuff before…

I didn’t realize she plays guitar…I’d only seen her name somewhere but she’s great!


Two players I’ve been strongly influenced by, directly or indirectly, are Lynn Taitt & Ernest Ranglin. Already mentioned Alan Weekes, whose hair-raising live performances played no small part in turning me on to virtuosic reggae guitar playing. Discovered recently that there’s a great cut featuring both of these reggae guitar killers:

At one point got recruited by a band to play like Lynn Taitt, which is how I first heard about him. Will probably always regret not putting more time into learning the style & transcribing at the time - so much depth & subtlety in his rhythm playing!

And Ernest Ranglin is truly one of the greats - not only in reggae but a phenomenal all-round guitarist who I suspect can play nearly any style. Certainly he’s also one of my favourite jazz players, up there with Wes Montgomery & Charlie Christian. Impossible to get a sense of his diverse playing without posting tens of videos. Anyway I can’t pick a single studio work as favourite, but here is one I really like:

Ok ok - one more but that’s enough for now. Go explore his back-catalogue if it’s your thing - there’s a tonne of good stuff up on spotify now:


You just made my day with this.

One of the most astonishing shows I ever saw was Sun City Girls right about when this came out. I may even have bought the LP at the show; can’t remember exactly, but I have it of course.

It was in some weird, non-standard venue in SF. Blew my mind.

I’d always kind of liked them prior to that, but that show made me an acolyte.


in defence of steve albini, he did make this…

in support of rick rubin,
he had me play in studio a at ocean way, and put my name on it…