Guitar Heroes


Oh man the rhythm on Onin Okalol (3rd track from Amanar) is just totally wild! What time signature are they even playing there? never heard anything quite like it…


Great track!

It’s in 4/4 actually, although without listening closely, there’s probably some 3 against 2 stuff going on with the guitars. That kind of polyrhythm is pretty common with a lot of Saharan stuff, at least what I’ve heard.

EDIT: the chopping guitar is playing in straightforward 4/4 too. Never mind my guitar comment above.


[quote=“abalone, post:122, topic:6465, full:true”]in support of rick rubin,
he had me play in studio a at ocean way, and put my name on it…



That personnel list is bonkers! What a cast of people I’d never imagine seeing on a sleeve together!

There’s even a sort of a fleeting high school buddy of mine in there.

Nigel Kennedy to Dave Sardy. Wow!

Barkmarket were a big favorite in the early 90s BTW.

Jawbreaker I never really knew. Heard the name around–that snare. It’s the Albini snare, albeit not at its most…err…exaggerated.


I absolutely wish I could’ve seen them live. The closest I’ve gotten was a lackluster solo acoustic performance by “Sir” Richard Bishop.



My ears might be off…but i’m hearing everything cycling in 3s.

Or really a syncopated 6 (cycle of 4, then 2, then 4, etc)


Yep, it’s the feel really, the swing, swinging hard in a special way, it’s what I really love about all the Saharan stuff. Can’t ‘machine’ that no how.


Had to really search this thread for mentions of Robert Fripp and Adrian Belew, surprising :slight_smile:

If there’s any musicians I can say are my heroes, it’s King Crimson. I especially love their Discipline-era stuff, although pretty much everything from Red onwards was pretty great.


For what it’s worth, I once got to visit Emmett Chapman at his home. I even got to play the very first prototype Stick.

They are very cool.

Of course, Fripp and Belew are phenomenal!


I’m probably alone on this one, but my all-time favorite guitarist was Phelps “Catfish” Collins:

RIP Catfish


you´re welcome! :wink:


A serious crush on Gemma Thomson.


132 posts in, time to pay Mr Evans his dues.


A guitarist’s guitarist.


I’m in awe of the discipline and power of players like Catfish. His faith in and ability to play a groove is astonishing.

He makes me think of Eddie Hazel a little too. Hell of a player.

Also, I wish I could highlight specific guitarists with Fela Kuti, but I can’t think of one that had the same role as say drummer Tony Allen. But god damn could those guys play and play and play and serve the music like few others.


Speaking of Tashi, some of his set I recorded a couple years ago here in Louisville is being released. It was a beautiful performance, so I figured I’d mention it before it vanished:


Joe Pass made me fall in love with the instrument.


Rest in peace, Chris Cornell.


this song had HEAVY influence


They were definitely a great group. I’d toss out Louder Than Love as a super underrated album:


I didn’t see any mention of the infamous Ronald Jones but I do think he is definitely worth the trouble of seeking out. He played guitar in the Flaming Lips from 1991-1996. He left the band and then he fell off the face of the earth and no one has heard from him or seen him since. The very few videos and recordings of him playing with them in the 90’s are truly amazing. He always played with a slide, tons of Pedals and with two stereo amps across the stage from eachother. He’s an insanely experimental guitarist and one of my personal biggest inspirations.