Guy Purssell - Limbs Traffic

Releasing my new album entitled Limbs Traffic today on Zinc Tongue, a new label I’ve begun.

Been working on this for several years now - started just before leaving Berlin to return to London, my hometown. It came about during a period where I started to embrace coding within my musical endeavours, something which the community here has had a huge influence on.

Rowing Moth is made exclusively out of recordings mangled with W/, the surprises this module brings are so rewarding. On Seule Sioule I had the opportunity to help out for the tuning of an organ in central France, so I took a microphone to record the process. The twisting harmonics on a drone is so powerful - some moments made me feel positively unstable and strange between the ears. Across these tracks I used sequencers coded in Teletype, such as for the melody of Heavy Limbs Traffic, or Vials on QEP. Feedback is used throughout, often triggered for percussion sounds or dusty textures obtained with the outer regions of a PT Delay.

Thanks for listening and reading. Grateful for this community :heart:


Love the sound design and percussion on this. Great work!

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I have really been enjoying this. The melange of gritty natural sounds and rhythms is mesmerizing. I would love to know more about how you use w/ in this process. Great job.

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Thanks, really glad you’ve been enjoying it!

I couldn’t say I’m an expert or even that comfortable with w/. Of the new modes in v1.2, the only one i’ve really used much is signal.

My general process with this module has always been something along the lines of:

  • prepare in my DAW a nice long tape full of samples / noises / tracks I like / old demos etc.
  • record all this into w/
  • skip through the tape, looping things - and usually adding modulation once i hone in on a zone I’m liking
  • explore external processing - I’ll often route w/ to something with multiple outputs - usual suspects here are Res EQ or Three Sisters - using the “this” output on w/ with “signal” mode can often be handy to sync to the loop or add some variation to one of the audio channels.
  • Record into my DAW

Later down the line i might return to those recordings and strip out the junk and layer things together until I get somewhere I like. That’s exactly how Rowing Moth came about - passing audio between the modular and computer, and then making a composition out of the resulting recordings in the box. It’s so much fun to prepare tapes for w/, a great way to rediscover forgotten music and sounds.

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Love it. It hadn’t even occurred to me to “prepare” tapes for w/. It’s a great process and really nice execution of it. Thanks for taking the time to discuss it!

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