Hacking a Launchpad

Hi, I am fairly new to this community but all the talk here has been really inspiring to me and started my brain turning. This morning over coffee, I dusted of my old Launchpad S, opened Max/MSP, and the first grid studies page and started hacking.

I thought I’d post my progress here in the event that others might find it interesting, useful, or at least entertaining.

Here is a download link to the Max Projects:

And here is a youtube video of me walking through the patch and the code.



Hi Daniel
I have just found your post yesterday and started playing around with your patch. I’m really interested in using my Launchap (a very old one, not even the S version you are using) along with the monome software. I’ve been able to connect the device and making some sounds with it, but without visual feedback on the grid (I mean, the button are all switched off)
I don’t know if you have some progress with your studies or even if you are interested in making a collaboration to go ahead with them


not to derail, but you might want to check out http://www.sigabort.co/gridlock.html – pretty much the preeminent solution to virtualizing monome via launchpad afaik.

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Thank you very much, I will give it a try. Forget to mention in my previous post that I’m a newbie with all this, so I have still plenty to learn.