Haken Audio ContinuuMini


good ppl from Haken Audio are announcing the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for their new instrument ContinuuMini. Looking forward to it. As of now it’s already possible to pledge the continuumini together with the new Onde resonator, part of the La Voix du Luthier campaign, as discussed in a dedicated topic La Voix du Luthier


ContinuuMini will be something special


In first two hours the have manage to collect 40K USD from 75 packers. The first round with the lowest price is totally gone, all 50 units, it seem to become huge. Awseome


The Continuum coupled with the “Onde” by La voix du Luthier is going to be a wonderful organic instrument…

EDIT: …which can be battery powered, so it can be played outside together with norns!


I jumped on the kickstarter right away and I’ve never even used an MPE controller. It just looks so comprehensive at that price point. So damn stoked

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A great opportunity to have the EaganMatrix :wink:


Found this rather nice intro by Loopop




I think they are going to need some help assembling all those. Didn’t they say they could build ~12 per week? That looks like a nearly two year backlog…


It is about a six month lead-time for anyone backing now – presuming that Haken meet their estimated production goals. A delivery in May 2019 isn’t too bad at the current campaign price point.

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To be clear I’m very happy for the Haken Audio team. I’ve been a continuum owner for more more years than I can remember. Lippold and Ed have always done amazing work so I’m glad to see them strike a nerve with a more accessible version.


Oh, I just wanted to clarify the lead-time in case anyone would be discouraged seeing an interminable wait ahead. In the case that you are backing or otherwise purchasing a Continuumini, I would be interested to hear your thoughts on using it in conjunction with the Continuum fingerboard. I’m backing the mini and have been tempted to jettison most of my modular system to fund a full size Continuum.

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Even with that probably many would not hesitate.


Being in the low 200s and looking at an 5 month wait sure didn’t stop me :slight_smile:. I was, though, cursing my near-past self for “thinking about it”.

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a short study for contuumini and three electronic instruments https://soundcloud.com/t3hh/atonal-20190507


here is some musical output using a small ciat-lonbarde setup plus an OP1 and continuumini

such a fun instrument I honestly thought it would take a little longer to get used to


meditaion for continuumini and fx https://soundcloud.com/t3hh/meditatsioon-20190513