Haken Audio ContinuuMini

good ppl from Haken Audio are announcing the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for their new instrument ContinuuMini. Looking forward to it. As of now it’s already possible to pledge the continuumini together with the new Onde resonator, part of the La Voix du Luthier campaign, as discussed in a dedicated topic La Voix du Luthier


ContinuuMini will be something special


In first two hours the have manage to collect 40K USD from 75 packers. The first round with the lowest price is totally gone, all 50 units, it seem to become huge. Awseome

The Continuum coupled with the “Onde” by La voix du Luthier is going to be a wonderful organic instrument…

EDIT: …which can be battery powered, so it can be played outside together with norns!


I jumped on the kickstarter right away and I’ve never even used an MPE controller. It just looks so comprehensive at that price point. So damn stoked

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A great opportunity to have the EaganMatrix :wink:

Found this rather nice intro by Loopop

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I think they are going to need some help assembling all those. Didn’t they say they could build ~12 per week? That looks like a nearly two year backlog…

To be clear I’m very happy for the Haken Audio team. I’ve been a continuum owner for more more years than I can remember. Lippold and Ed have always done amazing work so I’m glad to see them strike a nerve with a more accessible version.


Even with that probably many would not hesitate.



a short study for contuumini and three electronic instruments https://soundcloud.com/t3hh/atonal-20190507


here is some musical output using a small ciat-lonbarde setup plus an OP1 and continuumini

such a fun instrument I honestly thought it would take a little longer to get used to


meditaion for continuumini and fx https://soundcloud.com/t3hh/meditatsioon-20190513

Thats the exact mirror of my experience to date (including ParcelForce).

I’ve started to dig a bit into the Egan Matrix and modify some of my favourite presets but I’m going to need really focus to get my head round it in any meaningful way. The learning curve is pretty much vertical.

Also struggled to get it to play nicely with both my iCM+4 midi interface and Shuttle Control. Ended up just plugging it directly into my Mac and then routing it in there via MidiPipe. Which works fine for some reason.

Anyway, here’s where I’m at at the moment.


I’m not been able to do much with Continuum Editor so far. For some reason it won’t instal on my High Sierra mac. On Windows 10 machine it works but I have not managed to load or modify presets. Probably just have to dig deeper. Also the MIDI implementation seems to be rather specific and I’ve yet to learn how to send Program Changes to the Mini.

Pedal input works well. I also made an adapter to split the mini TRS jack to a normal TR and TS stereo jacks with floating pins. Also CV out works but as of now it sends a constant 3V DC.

Have you tried the 871 beta? (https://hakenaudio.exavault.com/share/view/1dt2a-7t6ul9ue)

I’m on Mac Mojave and both the beta and the stable release loaded fine here. Although with the stable release, on loading, I got the warning that the software was 16 bit and not likely to work for much longer on my system. Maybe related to your issues? I got no such warning with the beta so I imagine that is 64 bit.

Like I said, the only way I could get the Editor to work nicely was to give the Mini a USB port of its own on my Mac. Once I did that its all been fine. The iPad editor app also works fine here which is useful for tweaking but you can’t access the full depth of the Matrix using it. The powered Apple camera connection kit provides enough juice for the Mini and the iPad together.

i just used a TRS adaptor to connect an expression pedal. The constant 3v DC out will probably be for the pedal. I think that input senses the connection and sets itself up to behave in the right way. If you want to use it for CV out you need the CVC hardware but I think its an either/or thing on the Mini. You can have a pedal or you can have CVC. Don’t think you can have both.

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Important update for the Haken Continuums

sidenote, you got to love the modern media biases. Interwebz and geartube is full of Moog sub25s and Behringer clone comedy but nothing about the most innovative instrument of new century is getting a major update.


Criticizing the media is good, but Haken aren’t doing themselves any favors in this department either. No videos and their user community is on FB (solid nope). I have a mini but I only found out about the awesome 9.0 software that came out two weeks ago by looking into this release (via matrixsynth). Contrast to the Osmose, with a marketing campaign that convinced me to preorder a non-existent product.
That said, Haken is a small company, and this particular product is only for the few who can afford it. I’m glad they put resources into updating the software. I was starting to wonder if the mini was abandoned with the lack of incremental updates.