Halfspeed Hopes - A sound pack by Jogging House

Hey there! I wanted to share a new sample pack with you.

‘Halfspeed Hopes’ is a collection of sounds to keep you & your samplers company while we are waiting for the world to heal. Made with analog and digital sound sources. Processed, mangled and squashed. Reversed, crushed and modulated. Recorded to 1/4" tape playing at half speed.

Downloads are free (name your price).

All files are stereo and either tuned to C or have C as root note. Chords are major or minor as titled. No delay or reverb added. So you should be able to integrate them rather easily in your jams.

I hope you will find the sounds inspiring.


Very generous, thank you!

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My pleasure :slight_smile: Hope you enjoy the sounds.

Beams of light. I needed these. One thousand thank yous.

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