Hanami - New Album Release

Hi good people of lines.

I wanted to share my new album “Hanami” with you all. Although I haven’t posted a huge amount recently, I still check in here a lot and am continually captivated by the process-driven conversations in particular.

Anyone who has listened to my previous work might conceivably be expecting a more ambient affair than this recording has turned out to be. A bit of background on this:

As someone who routinely has less time than I’d like to make music, I record absolutely everything. I then circle back periodically for listening sessions & earmark anything that stands out and keep compiling, whittling down and (hopefully), judiciously editing.

The last couple of times I’ve done this, the bits that stood out were more beat-driven. I have also had a friend who I sadly lost last year on my mind a lot. His honest critique of my previous music was that he felt it needed more beats. As such, I’ve channeled my love for Prefuse 73, early Múm and Album Leaf into the mix.

There’s also some Just Type, plenty of Compass (yes, again!), some of my very wonky piano playing and a whole heap more. Very much here for specifics if there’s anything process-wise anyone would like to hear more about.

Hope people enjoy listening to this set of songs as much as I enjoyed making them.


This is lovely! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks so much! Glad you’re enjoying it…as per my brief description of making this one, important to credit the importance of the fantastic Compass script by @Olivier - I have lost count of the amount of times this script has provided me with a jumping-off-point for a piece of music! :smiling_face:


immediately grabbed me, very pleasant sense of light and ease.

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@Fedor - thanks! So glad people are enjoying this!

A couple more notes on how everything came together, firstly the artwork. This was the cherry tree near to where I live which took the starring role:

I used a double exposure app to process a couple of pictures of the tree, creating this:

Finally, here’s a picture of the corner that was my home for the making of most of these tracks:

I also made the most of trips away for work by sketching things out on the OP-1 here and there too.

Edit, with some download codes:













I’d also love to do a remix EP off the back of this one, so if anyone on here is interested in trading a remix of one of my tracks for one of yours, please drop me a message :smiling_face: