Happy Accidents

I wanted to start a thread to share happy accidents you may have had in the studio while working on a piece of music. Something happened to me this evening, where I had a sequence going on my Arturia Keystep via CV/Gate to the modular, forgetting that weeks ago I was using the MIDI out to play my Ensoniq ESQ-1. I noticed on my mixer there was a signal coming through but I wasn’t hearing it. I turned the fader up on the channel of the ESQ-1 and the MIDI notes from the sequence were being duplicated via MIDI. Instead of a melodic sequence coming through it was a cool rhythmic thing because the ESQ-1 had a percussive patch loaded at the time, thanks to my 4 year old who was messing with my synths while I was dialing in the modular patch. So… long story short, thanks to her messing about, and me forgetting about the MIDI routing I now have a 140bpm techno jam.