Happy camper today!

My first post here and i just have to write off some steam…
Just orderd a Grids, Ansible, Teletype, Mangrove and Three sisters…allready got the JF and Cold Mac.
Gonna be a exciting adventure :slightly_smiling_face:

In other words Im a Happy camper today!!!


Congratulations! That was a big check, but well worth it. Do you have some idea of what’s next in your march down the Eurorack GAS Road? :wink: I know I have. . .suggestions. . .

Thanks! :slight_smile:
Well actually my case havent even arrived yet :grinning:
The Ansible will probably take a while before i get but thats actually good… i can focuse on learning the teletype first
At the moment im reading all the pdf’s and watching tutorials for teletype .
And next step is to mount the modules when the case gets here.
Ive allready got some other modules waiting here

SSF Ultra Random
SSF Positronic Transient Gate
SSF Propagate
Malekko Dual Borg
Malekko Peformance Buffered Mult
nw2s::io (unbalanced)
Dave Jones Design O’Tool +

Got a 0-coast and a Birdkids The Bateleur system to play around with while Im waiting :yum:

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wow awesome stuff

got any links to music you’ve made? (or where we can find the new tunes you’ll make with the system?)


I have some stuff at https://soundcloud.com/fleuw

Ive been mostly a dj :slight_smile:…music production is a bit of a new thing for me…just doing it for the fun.

What ive made my self (nothing fancy :slight_smile: ) https://soundcloud.com/fleuw/sets/my-homemade

My recorded dj sets https://soundcloud.com/fleuw/sets/recorded-mixes

Here is a link to the record label i work for as a dj http://www.antiscarp.com

Im a bit of a newbie to music production :yum:

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Laminated Teletype homework for this weekend :relaxed:

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And here is the almost complete edition (waiting for Ansible and Teletype expander to arrive) :yum:

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Nice! I just ordered a teletype, arc, 2 x ansible and have a grid Plus an e330, wed Ssm and a Sputnik lpg - I haven’t gotten anything in a while but that was a gorge…

How do find the bateluer? Mki? Are you having problems with your jacks not making contact?

Sorry for the OT

Well the birdkids is the complete system they released a complete of months ago…it should be MK2.
No roblems with it so far…just loads of nice sounds from it :slight_smile:

Does it have sync and Lfo modes?

LFO modes yes…got some really sweet FM modulation. Sync no…but still very sweet system. U should check out the complete system. Very portable because of its usb power system .
One of my best buys currently :wink:

Yeah they put the mki in the system then…still a magnificent osc/filter…modulate the tzfm with a mangrove, bang the self Osc switch down and its dx heaven- very very nice kit

Well from what ive heard from birdkids them self its the MK2 in the Bateleur system