Happy Earth Day 2020

Happy Earth Day everyone. Feels especially pertinent right now…

Today is the 50th celebration - every 22nd April since 1970.

Cross-posting this from the acoustic-ecology@sfu.ca list:

*The 24-hour “Earth Day Art Model Telematic Festival” started last night and is streaming live at https://earthdayartmodel.org/index.php *

“A Quieter World, Mapped” news from Field Noise Transmissions at https://tinyurl.com/ybupsgd2

“Celebrating Earth Day by Growing into Our Earthly Future” from the Center for Humans and Nature recalls the writings of Aldo Leopold and others at https://tinyurl.com/y8pul89o

Bernie Krause spoke with Michael John Gorman from the Max Planck Institute on Instagram Live @biotopiamuseum. They reminded us that the 24-hour REVEIL 2020 happens during the dawn chorus in each time zone of the earth on May 2-3. Call for streams at https://mailchi.mp/a19fe8f1ffe8/reveil2020. Listen live online: http://locusonus.org/soundmap

Barry Truax informed us that Vancouver-based writer, Doug Quan published a substantive article with sound clips for the Toronto Star on the changing soundscape during the pandemic:

The April 21st Ocean Conservation Research newsletter notes a new sense of calm and “this week’s activity, just listening” at https://tinyurl.com/y9c8q4mc

Sound Walk September 2020, open call for new sound walks at https://walklistencreate.org/sound-walk-september/sound-walk-september-2020-open-call/

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