Happy Holidays generative artwork


Over the last week and a bit @dizzybanjo and I collaborated on this generative holiday card.


It combines real time audio in PD/Heavy with some algorithmic visuals in p5.js including some Lissajous curves :slight_smile:

Really fun to make, and happy to chat with any interested people about generative visualizations in general.


This is great!

@emenel, I’d love to hear some more about your process for creating this.

@tomk, you should check this out!


sick!! sending in all of my external groupchats.


@kimchiboy, nice to see you found the forum!


How is it working with Heavy? The website description of the tech is a bit opaque but the demos sound cool!


This is why I love this place.



How to compile Pd patches to JavaScript using Heavy


this is amazing

happy solstice and holidays!!


oh man this is so beautiful (+ impressive!)

thanks for sharing + happy holiday all!


Yep, as @jasonw22 mentioned, the audio is a PD patch compiled to Heavy JS with message hooks in and out. The graphics are written in p5.js and integrated with the PD patch through the Heavy hooks.


Heavy hooks.


Is that…a crane that pulls a snow cat up a mountain to groom the run?


Very cool card. No idea about the software behind it, but looks and sounds great!


beautiful, @emenel & @dizzybanjo. thank you and happy holidays!


Ok, now I’m gonna spoil all the beauty and poetry of your generative artwork with this thing here… but hey, that’s what I have right now :slight_smile:
Merry Holiday time!