Happy Solstice!

Tonight is the longest night of the year. And so begins the ancient return of the light.

In what feels like dark times, I am so grateful for this place and all of you. It feels like the light is always returning here…

Stay warm and celebrate in whatever way makes you happy! And keep sharing all the magnificent music!!!


“May our crystals be in full modulation”
— overheard at an outdoor rave in the Santa Cruz mountains, circa 1990.

Edit: correction. 1991.


So so so so, so so so ready for the sun to come back.


Happy solstice indeed!

I’ll be celebrating with the launch of a new project and then watching Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 with my SO.

:squid: :squid:


thank you for posting such joyous tidings!


This and Santa Claus Conquers the Martians are the two best holiday movies ever.

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Oh man I forgot about Santa Claus Conquers the Martians! I saw the MST3K episode of that yeeaarrrs ago.

Silent Night lived up to all the legends. But something I never saw mentioned was Ricky’s eyebrows… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a human use them that way before.

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Ten years since our first Transient Constellations gig on the solstice :slight_smile: (and tooo many since the last one). Team Brick couldn’t make it so I ended up playing instead

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Yesterday we had seven hours of daylight here in Denmark. It’s dark and cold and rather unforgiving, even if modern life mostly shields us from it… But still we bring trees into our homes, decorate them with paper hearts and (real) candles and sing songs about them with our loved ones:

Last verse is:

The visiting christmas tree
sends us greetings from oak and beech
with a message from outside:
that it’s getting lighter every day
and that the sun, from its hiding place,
is wishing us a merry christmas

(Although we still use the old word for it, yule)

There’s a lot about this time of year and its traditions I could do without, but indeed, the light will come back…


I usually post something vaguely pagan and motivational somewhere online on the solstice as I guess sort of a response to or reinterpretation of my religious upbringing… but this year i am just ready for the days to start getting longer again…

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