“Harbour” - A Continuous Ambient Album by The Tuesday Night Machines


Hey everyone! I’m really happy to present you my latest music release “Harbour”:

I had the idea to make a continuous ambient album in March 2016, while sitting on a train and recording surrounding sounds with the built-in microphone, routed through various audio effect apps. During the past three years I would record like this every now and then while traveling, sometimes jamming with synthesizer and sampler apps live on top of the microphone input. Those sessions were collected in a folder on the iPad until I finally had the time and inspiration to put everything together in Cubasis a few weeks ago. The whole album was actually created on the iPad. I even drew the cover artwork on the tablet and uploaded the master WAV file to Bandcamp in Safari. It was a really great experience and I feel a lot more at home in the music app ecosystem now.

I hope you enjoy this music piece and I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings about it.

Here are a bunch of download codes:


Redeem at https://nightmachines.bandcamp.com/yum

Thanks a lot for listening :slight_smile:



Used 9ewx-euph
Thank you!

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I used 4e5b-uata. Will report back once I have some time to listen. Thanks!

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Used 37hj-u575

Gonna give it a listen on my commute home.

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Thanks! I used 7r5r-urfw.

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Thanks! I used rufc-xna7

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Used ala4-eau5, thanks!

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ll75-e4v4 has been redeemed. Thanks!

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I’ve used this one! Thanks! I will listen to it while walking with Boris (the dog)!

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Redeemed, thanks!

Really enjoyed the Snazzy road trip - so looking forward to listening.

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Thanks! That was a fun project too. I’ve got another road trip coming up later this year and I’m already gathering ideas on how to make that into an audiovisual release as well :wink:

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Perfect for work! Thank you!

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Redeemed this one. Been really enjoying the first few minutes this over morning coffee.

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Really really enjoyed this. beautiful piece of music. I loved the way it evolves throughout.

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Thank you, everyone! :blush: The track consists of about 20 different recordings I made over the years for this project. Putting it all together into one single track took me a while and I went over several different compositions until I was happy with the final one. It was interesting to work like this, without a clock signal or BPM, just nudging and editing various audio clips in a long timeline. I really appreciated using the Apple Pencil in Cubasis for more precise controls, compared to using a fingers, especially when it came to trimming clips and drawing automation curves.



All codes gone! Wow, that was quick! :smiley:

For the rest of us, here’s a link to the actual Bandcamp page for ‘Harbour’:

  • wanders off to find her bank card… *
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I decided to let this be the soundtrack to my bus ride to work this afternoon. No noise-cancelling headphones as suggested, but the use of earbuds allowed other sounds to mesh with the music, sometimes in quite complimentary ways. The rumbling of the bus on poorly maintained roads was a disservice that occasionally drowned the music out, but there were also some great moments where the conversation between a recovering addict (“81 days clean and sober”) and the person he was speaking with on the phone managed to fade in and out in time with the transitions in sounds.

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Thank you very much for reporting back! :slight_smile: Glad to hear the soundtrack worked for your commute. Ambience can indeed add to the music experience. I often feel that music reaches me more deeply when travelling compared to listening at home, so combining ambience recordings with travel music is something I enjoy a lot and I also went into a somewhat similar direction on Hawaiian Yurt Music.

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