Hardware loopers

yes! that’s what i’m digging into at the moment. but there are some things i’m missing, particularly implementation of some kind of smoothing crossfades at loop points. and a few other things…

some of the scripts that people have made and shared are really just SO amazing. i guess i have to learn something about programming to be able to make the tweaks i want. sigh…

is there a thread on live-input loopers for norns somwhere on lines? haven’t found it yet.


I’d start here as there are also some less talked about scripts listed:


I’m using an addac vc looper with my digitakt and external contact mics and instrumentd and I’m very happy. The addac can be standalone with just a small pod and can work by itself ( mix 3 sources incoming audio + recorded loop + granular + mono send from the incoming audio in without any granular fx)

Well, that’s annoying/disappointing. The seller emailed to say the CT5 had a fault and refunded my money.

Thinking I’ll get the blooper as it seems to be the closest in functionality.

Really hard to tell with the Chase Bliss stuff as all the demos are so cutesie ‘music for plants’ aesthetic which is why I was somewhat drawn to the CT5. It seemed ‘rougher’/less finished in an interesting way (especially mode 3).

Oh well, I’m sure I can make the blooper sound suitably horrible in an interesting way :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone have any thoughts about how they compare (I’ve searched the forum btw, just wondering about current opinions from those who have/tried both).

This is a very interesting concept indeed. Phrase phasing is an art on its own. You can do so much with this idea!


Yes, I agree… One of the most fun variations that I tried with my cheap guitar pedal collection was using two mono loopers for L and R (with synths as input), then the two sides go to a stereo looper (EH 720). I would just record two blank loops in each mono looper, then overdub a single note with the synth, and when I like the phase difference between the two loops I record that onto the stereo looper, then pitch or reverse something, and the add one other note, etc… The stereo looper after the two mono ones also allows to empty the mono loopers without having to stop the music (going full volume on the stereo one after having faded out the other two…)… I love it !

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resonating with your chase bliss observation here! despite their (probably market research-driven?) turn towards the kitsch houseplant neolib optimist aesthetic, i can confirm the CB pedals, blooper in particular, are versatile and deep enough to allow truly gnarly sound mangling and dirtying! …and maybe don’t read the new field guide manual things, they can be utterly overwhelming in their cutesy aesthetic.


I have a Blooper. What do you want do know @Prof_lofi? The “machines” can get a bit samey but it’s got a lot of control under the hood. Generally I used a highness/lowpass filter, and then some kind of loop mangler or time stretcher. The time stretching sounds BAD in a good way. The pitch shifting aliases pretty quickly. There is also the setting I simply call “Basniski” where you get random dropouts and if you record it onto itself, the whole thing disintegrates. In the middle there’s a sort of “generation loss in a knob” thing which I find usable until about 10:00 in its range.

They recently put out a software update that won’t work with a new Mac so I haven’t installed it, but I will find a way to do so. I’m betting the stereo mood means there will be a stereo blooper. Honestly, I would rather have something twice the size with a less fiddly interface. But it’s easy to get weirdo stuff happening. It can, theoretically, even sync.

I only use it while playing in Nashville tuning. KIDDING! I mostly run a touch guitar through it and often play in the bass range.

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Very interesting! Do you have any recorded examples of this? I’m curious.

Thanks @slumplifter that’s good to know.

I’m feeling so snarky atm about the microcosm/tensor/particle/mood/habit/blooper youtube demo/influencers. I mean, I’m grateful for the resource but it seems everything is converging on a singular childlike aesthetic (I’m being as un-snarky as I can manage, lol) that I can barely stand to watch 'em.

And thanks @JES really useful. I know that the CT5 fits broadly into the same category as those above but many (well, some) of the demos I’ve seen of it just had an edgier aesthetic that works better for what I’m doing and I’ve not seen demos of the blooper that showed that side. I think the blooper is possibly the one that gets closest to the CT5 tho so I may just have to get it and see if it works for me.


I find it interesting that there is such strong emotions about how people demonstrate equipment. I feel llike I’m so deeply into the business of using things designed to do something else for my own purposes that it would never occur to me. It feels like John Cage getting upset with Chopin for writing the Nocturnes. Not seeing the point in yucking yums about pedals.

These devices are tape machines/ time machines. If you want them to sound like literally anything put literally anything into them. There is nothing like an ideaological constraint—that’s kind of the whole point. Any other sound processing they do is icing.

All that aside, the best way to have your own way with loopers is to use the mixer/dub/send-to-itself signal flow with a looper. Or get two loopers going like this and some delays so you can start working with feedback networks.


I believe Blooper has taken some inspiration from CT5, however these are very different instruments with the distinct voices of their own.


I found this one :

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And of course Bloopers are sold out everywhere ಠ⁠_⁠ಠ

Looks like it’s available directly from Chase Bliss, who no longer distribute through other retailers.


Thanks - that’s a bit of a bummer living in the UK. With Import and Vat that comes to £540 (though CB state on their site they cover half of import and vat? I guess I need to email to confirm - pretty cool if so).

On a related topic, I just got back from a gig and the act after me performed solo using three Boss Giga Delays and a mic. Was really lovely, had a similar aesthetic to Feldman’s Three Voices:


Soma Cosmos continues to surprise and empress here. Loaded the “rhythmic” alt firmware this week, it is really good and you get reverb now on some of the “presets”. IMO the “limitations” Cosmos has are its strengths in comparison to something like the Blooper (had it and sold it), just sayin’. :grinning:


I’m not familiar with the CT5, but I can confirm that using blooper’s “additive” moop with the loop modifiers (which is basically just resampling) can get you some wild noise.


merely an observation on marketing and not at all the hardware and its uses! just interesting the convergent aesthetic direction the broader influencer sphere seems to be moving towards.
and maybe more akin to John Cage getting upset at Chopin setting up a department store with the Nocturnes playing on the PA speakers, and not the Nocturnes themselves…though maybe substitute Cage for Theodor Adorno, who was known for getting exactly that kind of upset, ha!


That could be an art project in itself.

My guitarist in my post-rock band uses a CT5 a lot, and with great skill. But some settings are very hard to reproduce. You can get there on the Blooper but I feel like I know it and can get predictable behaviour out of it.

I demoed the Soma Cosmos to two different people today who came over at different times. Everyone loves it.