Hardware Physical Modelling


I’m on it!

Thank you @ Foxhood. That’s a great link. I do whatever comes to mind, but having a path to follow leads to interesting experiments, especially if you spend time trying to figure out why some components of a patch work the way they do.


sounds great, very interesting!

i don’t ask… but…


Sounds really interesting, mind posting a sound clip ;)?

My interest in modelling is not to reproduce real instruments but to try and replicate some of the physical events that help produce those sounds and transform my “imaginary sound world”, into something more corporeal or lifelike. I see it as converting signal into matter.


That design could suit inferior, automated mass production to satisfy consumer demand, but that is not in the immediate future.

For now it’s interesting to consider the technique, which interestingly has not been solved in the digital (audio) domain. I’m not sure of the mathematical derivation of waveguide as an analog to the wave equation in 2 dimensions (i.e. vibrating string), but it certainly sounds very different to my ears, and it’s nice to find that analog computation is far from obsolete. Digital techniques in solving PDEs are computationally heavy, using elaborate variations on finite difference method, but the resolution of analog integrators is unrivalled, something which the humanoid has endless affection for.

Will be moving to physical prototyping soon, as mentioned before will get some audio demos out.


thanks, please post the audio demos here, very interested in this design!
i believe the mungo p0 percussion module does modell a circular membrane…not entirely sure about that anymore.


Patch notes are in the SoundCloud description.


Has anyone tried the CG products Delay 1022? How does it compared to the mungo d0 for modelling?


If you had to choose between the Mungo c0 and the d0 for these purposes, which one would you choose? It’s rather obvious that short delays are essential but I’m uncertain if the c0’s BBD is up to the task or if d0 is the safest choice.

Opinions are welcome.


Still lacking an interesting noise source in my rack, I’ve been looking at the CG Products Noise VCA, but can’t find a supplier in the USA that carries it. It looks perfect for using as an exciter though: noise, resonant multimode filter, and VCA all in one with some clever routing options. Is anybody here working with one of these?