Has anyone sold (nearly) everything?


Yeah. I had a 100hp case but was getting bogged down even with that! I’m considering building a Doepfer system, but waiting a little while first.


I can’t stop thinking about how the Erbe Verb sounds like throwing a shoe down a metal chimney. For the past few days, it’s all I can hear when I use it. “There goes the clap down the ol’ metal chimney,” & etc. -->


If you want any high-frequency damping I recommend an old shoe, and one that’s fairly soft or broken-in. Camper makes some excellent soft-soled numbers. The lack of hard leather or rubber really cuts the ping as they go down.


I’m thinking about it right now, I have a started 7U eurorack few years ago, and never managed to make it into a complete instrument (also bought/tried different sequencers for it) though I have lost countless hours looking for every new or old module existing and planning so many configurations… In the end I learned a lot about synthesis but didn’t really used it on projects.

I’m leaning towards building a mannequins system (maybe with ansible+grid later) in a 84HP case from Intellijel and selling everything else, waiting on more news about crow to see if I could pass on teletype and keep the system small yet opened.

Last year I started getting interested in Ciat Lonbarde, built as many small circuits as I could, and built a Rollz-5 more recently that I completely fell in love with, so I’m also thinking about leaving completely eurorack and buying a Plumbutter & Cocoquantus. I really like having a complete instrument in front of me, and the playability of those are amazing.


Ok - looking for some thoughts/input to get me thinking in different directions.

I make, well I’m not sure what you’d call it - my youtube channel is here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd6Fj_OrV9jP9cbAcrIWw9Q - instrumental, ?. I have very eclectic tastes - in the car in the last couple of days I’ve listened to Nik Bärtsch, Gaika, Steve Roach, PJ Harvey, William Carlos Whitten, Cat Power, Moskus, Body/Head all of which are things I draw from. So who knows quite frankly? I could probably market it better if I knew what genre it is :slight_smile:

Of late massively into little computer-y boxes - Organelle and an Open source Norns on pisound/push2 (will be buying proper Norns and a grid as soon as they are for sale again) and Elektron boxes.

My Eurorack has taught me a ton about synthesis - I’ve had this rough setup for a few years now https://www.modulargrid.net/e/racks/view/223600 (sold mutable stuff to buy morphagene and FH-1 are the main recent changes). (I have a mother 32 as well which does get used a lot)

I find myself neglecting it these days. I’m wondering if I need to either sell it all and move on OR and this is where I’m looking for input - branch out a bit. Is the Monome Crow going to revitalise things? is there more stuff down this road currently available that I could explore? Teletype intrigues me but I’m working in so many languages right now: C, Lua, Swift, C++, Supercollider, Max, PD I don’t really want to have something else on the go. I also don’t want everything I use to need code to make music. I’m not really wanting to buy more case space - I’m thinking of what can I sell and replace modules with to get me into a different space

so - any ideas as to things I might find interesting to do with it? Or am I better off just moving on? I’m just looking for input to help me think creatively about it in ways that may not be occurring to me here…


how long is “these days”?


good question - a couple of months perhaps?


maybe it’s just not new and shiny right now. if you don’t actively dislike something about owning a modular, it might be worth giving it a little while longer to see


I’m with @alanza here. I use the following metrics for keeping something around even if I’m not fully utilizing it; language, I don’t always use my full vocabulary but I wouldn’t want to chuck parts of it out because it’s unused at this moment I’m writing or speaking. Also, I love photography but I go months without using my many lenses and then I find myself needing a macro or I’m heading into Yellowstone and take my 70-200mm for wildlife. I don’t make field recordings everyday, but I like having the mics and recorder nearby for when I feel inspired.

The point is that having tools that feed you and allow to explore when inspiration strikes is a luxury and first world problem that I wouldn’t allow myself to become jaded about because I wasn’t producing “Hits.” Let something sit a year and then return to it, if it’s boring and brings you no value, then do away with it.


Well put. :purple_heart:


I’m in the middle of this right now, so I’m happy this thread exists. I started selling off my Eurorack stuff this week to potentially streamline things down to a Norns (incoming!), Grid (had) and Plumbutter (considering) (has anyone tried this combination?). Eurorack is/was for me (heavy stress on those last two words) too much of a rabbit-hole of ModularGrid-planning and buying things too impulsively, bringing out the consumerist in me a little too much. I actually felt relieved when I posted my rack up for sale and even when I boxed things up to ship. I do miss it somewhat already, but I think larger purchases are going to make me think twice a bit more than the “I NEED THAT $300 MODULE THAT I DON’T NEED!!!” I experienced with Eurorack.


It’s human nature to adorn ourselves with trinkets and fetishes. This isn’t about stuff I need or don’t need, I’m exploring my humanity by not only outfitting my cave with the greatest of accouterments but supplying myself with the tools that expand my mind, my musicality, and my species ability to stoke the embers of novelty in its creative response to my consumption. We evolve with tools, downgrading is not an option.


I mean, that’s cool that it works for you, but I’m not an essentialist to agree with something like your notion of adornment as human nature (whatever that is). I was just responding to the topic with my own experience, which lead to the conclusion that it made me want things too much; it felt more like consumerism than exploring art-making tools, which is really a personal defect or whatever within myself and definitely not a judgement or definition of anyone who enjoys the format (hence my stress on “for me” and use of first person), so I’m stopping.


I can totally relate to the sense that I’m being driven in part by gear lust and even worse, by the feeling of existential lack or craving that I’m somehow missing out on something that will make me finally feel fulfilled…

This can be terrifying if I’m honest with myself.

However, when I actually start playing with my instruments, whether it’s modular or guitar or bass or oud or hand drums or Ableton, a sense of excitement and exploration pushes aside that other stuff and the zen state kicks in… I think it helps to be an improviser since that mode lets me be open and largely free of judgment in the moment…

I’ve gone through many cycles of acquisition and disposition over the years


Curious about this. Can you elaborate?


it’s a flow state, in the moment, aware but non-judgmental, receptive, not particularly self-oriented but not hypnotic or zombified…

runners get into it, lovers get into it, of course meditators get into it! Speaking of which, I note a lot of folks in this community mention meditation… ambient music is highly meditative, which is why it’s often mistaken for “new age” music… years ago I was the new age buyer in a record store in Burlington VT… at that time, the lines between ambient and new age hadn’t been drawn as they are now… some of the new age stuff was really excellent, before it became the droning slow variety of brunch jazz that it is now… hope that’s not overly nasty, I don’t mean to be…


I played a gig with basically this setup (+ op-1 running into plumbutter) – norns running MLR with plumbutter into it.

It works okay! mlr and plumbutter both have similarly loose concepts of time (if you don’t enable syncing) that enabled it to work out okay. It made for a fairly abstract/noisey setup though, so YMMV.


Noisy and abstract sounds like fun to me! Thanks!


Just joined to put in how much the “depth year” mentioned much earlier in this thread resonated with me. I’ve been cycling through gear for two years, mostly productively–learning what I want to do by seeing what kit and practices work for me, and which don’t. I’m down to a portable 5U, a reverb, a mixer, and a delay, and I have never felt less distracted by shiny new things.

The plan is to spend the year between birthdays going deep with that rig, and recording with some self-imposed structure. So, thanks, llllllll.co, for catalyzing this!


ive gotten to the point where I only kept an audio interface and laptop but…that didn’t last too long. it was nice to get rid of all the things that were uninspiring to me at the time and to kind of reset myself, then move forward. Now I have a 7U intellijel case, Space and Mixer. This is working well for me this time around.