Have you ever swapped studios with someone else?

I’ve often been pondering, wouldn’t it be cool if you let someone else use your studio for a few hours, and you could use their’s? I’ve tried other people’s modular systems at synth meets, but it’s usually very noisy at those places, and people come over to talk and stuff like that, so you don’t really get anything musical out of it. I would love to just let someone use my studio for say 5 hours and hear what they could come up with, and I’d love to use someone else’s studio for a few hours and see what I could come up with (given that everything is hooked up well and things work).

Have anyone here tried that before? How did it go? I imagine Fact Mag or whoever does the “show us your studio” videos these days could make some interesting doing this.



that would be wild


Good idea. People swap homes, why not studios.


NEVAR! I lent a close friend my plumbutter once, he tried to just absorb it into his collection, i kept wondering if he’d give it back or i’d have to ask for it back, finally i asked for it, he accidentally sold the power-supply with some other device, and ended up frying it with the wrong power-supply :sob: (tried to pass it off like that was the power-supply i gave him in the first place :roll_eyes: ) Peter B. was kind enough to fix and give me a small power-supply(in exchange for a ratty used brown cardigan i wrapped the plumbutter in, because that’s how i used to keep it warm and safe :grin:)

anyways, long story short: NEVAR TRUST ANYONE! :eyes:
(of course, i’m partially kidding, maybe swapping studios would’ve been easier because we’d share risk… but i’d definitely want to make sure the person was more responsible)


i thought i had the wildest pb borrowing story

couldn’t really afford one at the time but a friend overseas sent cash and had me buy for em…so i owned a pb for 5 days lol

i had permission but was too scared to play it at the time (for fear of damaging something)


I feel like with modular cases now this would be easier than ever especially with smaller systems although as they get smaller they get further away from a “studio” in a box I suppose…

@glia when you were talkin on the shnth thread about wanting one i was going to offer a temporary swap of shnth for sp555 :laughing: then i figured shipping would be a bigger risk than anything else at the moment. now that this thread popped up i feel like I gotta mention the idea lol!


I would like to let someone try to make music in my studio… but what if they just rocked it so much harder than I could… and then they smiled and walked away as my studio moaned with pleasure? Studio cuck??

Joking aside, this would be extremely helpful and interesting. Nice thought experiment at the very least… one potential learning lesson being; never take what you have for granted!

Edit: On a mildly related note though, I once wished there was a TV show such as Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, but with Studio Nightmares instead. A pompous expert visits various recording studios and aggressively criticizes everything and tears the artists down. It’s utter shit mate!!

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That sounds lovely.
I’m in the midst of a studio move now actually.
I it did a lot of sharing of my space in the location I’m clearing out now. Looking forward to even more with the new location when it’s possible again. Never really did anything like switching spaces with anyone tho.


Wow, really? Nice! That’s awesome. Sounds like a bit of dream, actually. I hope I win the lottery one day - then I’ll buy a sweet studio and pay all my musical friends to quit their jobs and just hang out with me and make music, haha.


i will dm you and i’m glad you shared the idea

but knowing myself i’ll wanna keep the shnth :slight_smile: so don’t swap if that’s not on the table

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